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  • August 7, 2018
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Simple Tips to Eliminate Wire and Cable Clutter

Look around, and you will find that you’re surrounded with wires and cables in some or the other form. Whether it’s a laptop charger, iPod earbuds, mobile phone chargers, USB cables, TV cable, lamp wire, computer cables or any other device, you are actually thriving with them. And there is absolutely no escape. Most of the times, they create a mess and form a hideous trap for dust bunnies.  However, with a little management, you can get rid of the wire and cable clutter from your home as well as office. Read on to know quick fixes for organizing wires and cables in a better manner.

Wrap Up the Wires

Loose wires lying here and there not only look bad, but are also dangerous lest you tip over. However, by just bundling cords and cables, you can practically get rid of the unnecessary mess. For this, you can use the simple twist tie which is often found in any electronic product packaging. You can tie wires together or tighten up the slack by fastening loops of cable. For bigger bundles, you can use velcro cable ties or Q knot adjustable rubber cable ties which can fasten even the thickest cables. In case you want to go for a cheaper option, plastic zip ties also work but they can’t be adjusted if you wish to revise the cable layout.

Label the Cables

By now, you must have got ample of chargers, power cords, USB cables, and Ethernet wires. And it is actually quite difficult to keep those connections straight. To ease your job, it’s recommended to label each end of the cable and wire in your home and office. You can deploy the mini write-on flag tie markers for this. Or else, you can wrap a little masking tape around the cord, while leaving a folded over tab of tape to write the name of the cord. Doing this, you would be in a better position to find the power cord for the scanner or connecting the right cable at the right place, as you can easily read the information on the cable end.

Wires Off the Ground

Obviously, pushing the chunks of wires against the wall and behind the desk doesn’t make any sense. The clutter remains there and actually attracts dust and grime too. It is always good to tuck them alongside the wall or underneath the desk, so that they are out-of-sight, off-the-ground and off-the-dust.  You can use the Cable Corral which you can screw underside the desk. Using this tip, you can get rid of the cable clutter under your table, and it would also make it easier to vacuum up the space.

Organize the Cables

You must have had heard about binder clip trick to organize the cables and cords. But if it’s still not been utilized, you have got a fair chance to do that now. You can actually clip some binders at the back edge of your desk; put in your USB, Ethernet, and other cables through the metal hoops in the clamps. And you’re good to go! Once done, all your wires and cables will be secured neatly in a row. In fact, you can even feed thick electrical cords by removing the clamp and placing the cord into the hoop before putting the clamp back onto the metal clip. Doing this, all your wires would be secured and won’t slough to the ground when you unplug a device.

Create a Cord Basket

Since there are so many portable devices around, scattering of wires is understandable.  However, using a little intellect, you can systematize these cords without any trouble. All you need to do is, plug an AC-to-USB adapter into the wall and run a few mini-USB cables into a basket with inline handles. Subsequently, fix a few small binder clips in the handle space to secure the USB cords when not in use. Doing this, you can easily charge your smartphone, MP3 player or Kindle by just plugging in the charger and placing it into the basket, without being visible on the desk.

In Concise Terms

Following these simple tips, you can easily get rid of unnecessary clutter created from wires and cables at home as well as office. You can organize the cords in a better manner with a little patience. Furthermore, to avoid any mishappening, you must invest in quality wires like that of Havells. Being a promising brand, Havells offers an extensive range of flexible cables, including CATV Co-Axial Cables, Telecom Switch Board Cables, Flat Submersible Cables, Multicore Round Cables, FR-LSH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen) Cables and many more. Its collection of HRFR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) Cables is absolutely unbeatable given to its heat resistant and flame retardant properties, and capacity to perform even at higher temperatures. All these eco-friendly cables have specially formulated PVC sheathing for better protection, and offer efficient and trouble-free performance. So, safeguard your loved ones, appliances and switchgear with heavy-duty wires and cables from Havells!

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