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  • August 31, 2018
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HRFR is the Unseen and Unsung Hero that powers our lives every day

Cables that run through every wall in our home, and through every nook and corner are often ignored and uncredited for the vital role they play in enabling every single electrical and electronic device at any premise. Electricity is important for our survival today and it is the cable that carries it and powers every home. While it plays its key part, we often tend to forget the safety aspect around cables and reasons to not ignore it.

Wherever electronics and electrical equipment are involved, we have hazards like electric shocks and fire. If there is faulty current, over-voltage or short-circuit then cables bear the load and their role goes beyond simply supplying electricity. Safety is an essential aspect of cables that we do not consider while purchasing them for installation in a new home, office or when we replace existing cabling for other reasons.

A cable has two important safety aspects and they are heat retardant and flame (fire) resistance characteristics. A heat retardant cable is mainly featured during conditions when high temperature is involved without affecting its performance. A flame-resistant cable resists the spread of flame in case of fire and continues to function for a prescribed time. In other words, in an event of fire it will continue to aid electricity transmission. This is critical for applications like lift in high-rise buildings where its operation can be critical in saving lives.

Havells Heat Resistant Flame Retardant (HRFR)

Heat Resistant Flame Retardant with Lifeline Plus S3 cables offer best of protection when it comes to fire and high temperature conditions. The cables can withstand a high temperature of up to 85 degree Celsius along with flame retardant and heat resistant properties. They are capable of carrying higher current and ensure better electrical and mechanical performance at high temperature. All of these translate to greater degree of safety, reliable operation and energy efficiency. For any home, the S3 is essential that comes in two different size options.

When it comes to cables, we should also consider the leakage current from the live wire conductor through insulation. If a cable has poor insulation properties then the leakage current will seep through the insulation and it can increase over time damaging the installations and electrical equipment, and can also be unsafe for humans. So, to ensure the safety of your home, installations, and more importantly you, Havells has gone a step ahead in safety in ensuring that the S3 cable has an allowable current-leakage limit that is 50 times lower than the prescribed international safety norms. This means absolute peace of mind when your home is fitted with Havells cables.

Cables by Havells are also RoHS compliant, which means that they don’t emit any harmful chemical over the period of extended use. Usually, cables can release harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium that can have long-term critical illnesses in human beings and damage the environment as well. The Europe-based RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances certification ensures that the cable is completely safe to use without any invisible threat. Havells cables have also been certified by the Central Power and Research Institute (CPRI) – a premier laboratory recognized by the Government of India.

Given the high fluctuation and unstable electricity supply in India, it is important that you choose a cable that not only provides uninterrupted power supply and performance but is also safe to use for the inhabitant of a home or office. Havells is a well-known electrical brand and one of the largest in India, known for its top-notch electrical products and accessories. To know more about the Havells Heat Resistant Flame Retardant cables (HRFR), click here.

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