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  • October 5, 2018
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Add Color to Your Fifth Wall with Havells Splash

Life is too short to be boring! The way we get refreshed seeing a beautiful bright flower, affirms the fact that colors keep you alive and fresh. And the colors are not restricted to just your wardrobe, you can use them interestingly in your home décor too. In fact, just a dash of color can make the otherwise conventional off-white and teakwood inspired interiors so fascinating. With colorful paintings, showpieces and other stuff, we can make our home décor stand out. Likewise, the ceiling fan, which is usually preferred in whites and browns, could be colorful to add zing to the otherwise plain ceiling.

Splash – Add Zing to Your Dull Ceilings

To add color to your 5th wall, Havells – the leading brand for electrical goods – has brought in a special finish ceiling fan known as Splash. As expected from the electrical giant, this colorful fan is infused with the most modern technology to offer nothing but the best in terms of looks as well as performance. With a clean sweep of 1200 mm, the Splash is equipped with an HPLV motor for superior air delivery even at a low voltage of 180 volts. The multi-color fan boasts of impeccable blade finish by means of water film transfer technology.

Designed to blend well with modern interiors, the Splash offers an air delivery of 235 m³ per minute with rated speed of 390 rpm. Besides adding color and style to your fifth wall, this special finish fan will be easy on your wallet too – with a power consumption of merely 74 W. The Splash, with a rated voltage of 220 V – 240 V and rated frequency of 50 Hz, is a super cool fan that provides amazing air delivery and better energy savings, apart from the vibrant appeal to your room. This ultra-chic ceiling fan is a visual treat for any beholder.

To Conclude

Ceilings are often ignored while we carefully address the other home décor stuff. But it’s high time to give the fifth wall the consideration it deserves. In fact, instead of changing the entire room set up, simply changing the ceiling fan could bring in the wave of a refreshing ambience to any room. The Splash by Havells is a truly stylish, multi-color ceiling fan that can infuse a spark to the interiors of any space. So, get this vibrant fan and enjoy the splash of colors in your very own room.

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