Don’t Ignore the 5th Wall
  • by Havells India
  • April 3, 2018
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Don’t Ignore the 5th Wall

When we talk about decorating a home, we often end up mentioning about chic flooring, paint colors, designer wall papers, interesting wall clocks, beautiful light fixtures, fancy paintings, decorative pieces, stylish curtains and other such things that mostly relate to the four walls of any space. But have you ever thought about decorating the fifth wall – the ceiling – of your room? Perhaps not! Nobody does because we have become too accustomed to seeing those plain white painted ceilings from times immemorial.

Add an aesthetic appeal to your ceiling!

In the present world, where your home interiors are expected to exude the taste and class of the owner, you overlook the ceiling – the fifth wall – which also makes an important part of the interiors. Much to your surprise, your ceilings can also be prettified the way you do your walls. Yes, it is very much possible. You may think of ceiling in different paint colors, getting false ceiling, installing wooden planks, or can even consider wall paper. However, you might not think about installing a designer ceiling fan that would actually act as an accessory to refashion your fifth wall.

Bring in the artistic element to your fifth wall!

Considering that your artistic taste should be reflected on your ceiling too, Havells – a trusted name of the world of electronic goods – has brought in a range of designer fans, aptly known as Ceiling Art. With the best of innovation and technology, the Ceiling Art range of fans has been aesthetically designed with artistic elements to add a zing to your old, boring ceiling. The artistic collection of Ceiling Art has fans in a number of finishes, colors and designs, to match well with the interiors of your space.

Refashion your ceiling with designer ceiling fans!

Crafted corresponding to the brand’s futuristic products, the Ceiling Art fan range features 100% rust-free reinforced ABS blades, best-in-class air-delivery, silent operation and many other unique features. You can choose from the collection of fans having underlight, in-mould design (IMD), metallic finishes and contemporary designs, to amazingly transform your ceiling. What makes the Ceiling Art fans different from other fans is their amazing styling and superior technology. Whether you choose a fan from the Enticer Art, Splash, Octet, Glaze, Lumeno, Olivia or Zester collection, you’ll only be adding a touch of grace to your fifth wall for sure.

So, accentuate your home’s style statement with the Ceiling Art fans and let your guests be mesmerized with their appeal. Give your ceiling an aesthetic uplift with the stylish range of artistic fans from Havells!

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