Evolution of Fans
  • by Havells India
  • October 18, 2016
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Evolution of Fans

Remember when ceiling fans were an absolute necessity? This was back when air conditioners were still a novelty for most people. However, over time, air conditioners have not only become more affordable, but far more efficient at combating soaring temperatures. To keep up with its cooling counterpart, today’s fans have certainly come a really long way. They are no longer mediocre cooling appliances; instead ceiling fans have evolved in design, usability and efficiency.

Apart from its earlier sole purpose of circulating air and cooling rooms, fans can now add an aesthetic appeal through lighting or an ornate design to rooms.

decorative fan

Decorative Touch

Fans do not look drab anymore. They are now available in different designs to suit all kinds of interiors, from casual to elegant settings. Depending on your taste, you can opt for fans with metallic or wood finishes. You can even choose fans with reversible blades to add versatility to overall appearance of your home. Some ceiling fans also have transparent blades that make it look less like a fan and more like a decorative piece in your living space.

Underlight Fans

Aesthetic Lighting

Today’s fans can also serve the dual purpose of circulating air and adding light to a room. These fans include beautiful light fittings, from chandelier designs to simple modern styles which features LED lights. These different designs make fans a viable artistic lighting and cooling option for your home.

Yorker Remote Control Fan

Remote Control Fans

For the longest time, fans have been operated using an electric switch and regulator on the wall, or the more old-school design, which included pull chains to control speed. Now, however, to offer more comfort to users, fans can come with a remote function to make operations even easier. As if that isn’t enough, there are some fans which you can control through apps on a smartphone, where you can adjust both, speed of the fan and the lighting.

Whether it is the elegant brass finish, higher efficiency, a super silent motor or an aesthetic appeal, fans have evolved a great deal and offer many more options to choose from today.

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