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  • September 10, 2018
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Havells Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans for Every Industrial Need

Havells has an extensive range of heavy duty exhaust fans for every industrial need out there. The company has been in the business of designing and manufacturing industrial products for decades now for various industrial applications.

The combination of its experience which is acquired over these years and the technical know-how and expertise of its engineers from different departments has made it possible for the brand to become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial products in the country including heavy duty exhaust fans.

Industrial applications demand the flexibility to produce products to the specifications of each need that caters to the real needs of each customer. In order to meet this objective, Havells produces a range of exhaust fans in various sweep sizes and varying revolution per minute (RPM).

Be it any kind of application, the Havells industrial fan range consists of air circulators and heavy duty exhaust fans for all kinds of industrial needs. All our heavy-duty exhaust fans maintain steady cross ventilation and are high on quality and require very low maintenance. These heavy-duty exhaust fans are built around energy efficiency with an energy-efficient motor and dynamically balanced impellers for a smooth and vibration-free operation.

Havells heavy duty exhaust fans feature turbo profiled blades that provide higher air delivery and the use of Aluminium pressure die cast motor shell with fins ensures better heat dissipation that in turn results in a cooler operating temperature of the motor. They also come fitted with a pre-lubricated double ball bearings offering maintenance-free operation generally conforming to IS 2312-1967.

These heavy-duty fans are designed to provide a number of operating benefits. They effectively combat pollution by removing dust, smoke, dust, odor and other types of pollutants from an enclosed area with the help of the high-performance motor. They ensure that a factory workplace or any other large area remains fresh and healthy.

Exhaust fans by Havells are made with sturdiness in mind that can easily throw away any excess moisture, smoke, etc. away from large rooms. Their robustness will ensure a long life without needing frequent maintenance or breakdowns. They are high on efficiency and are a must for any modern industrial facilities.

The double ball-bearing of Havells heavy duty fans are pre-lubricated for smooth running and as a result they do not require maintenance over the period of prolonged use. The outer motor shell is made up of aluminum pressure die cast that protects the components from weather damage and increases the robustness of the operation.

Turboforce Havells industrial heavy duty fans are available from 300 mm sweep to 600 mm. Options are available from an RPM range of 700 to a maximum of 1400. The packaging includes a motor, arm set, frame, blades, mounting accessories, and a warranty card. The construction is aerodynamically designed and come in metallic grey color.

Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company backed by a strong R&D, wide distribution networks, and powered by its Make in India philosophy. Its heavy-duty exhaust fans for industrial use provide a maintenance-free and long-lasting operation suited for various needs. To know more about the entire range of Havells heavy duty exhaust fans, click here.

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