Install Ceiling Fans with Lights to Let Your 5th Wall Stand Out
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  • May 24, 2018
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Install Ceiling Fans with Lights to Let Your 5th Wall Stand Out

Ceiling fans are helpful in regulating the temperature of any room, while keeping the occupants at ease. With a plenty of ceiling fans with lights in the market, you might feel tempted to get one for your special area to serve the twin purpose of lighting and cooling. Ceiling fans with lights are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, types, designs, finishes, and colors to complement different types of décor. Be it the living room, dining room, or bed room, ceiling fans with light fixtures can enhance the appearance and complement the function of each room.

How Ceiling Fans with Lights are Useful?

Ceiling fans with lights can actually help in creating a desired ambience for any occasion. Rather than installing ceiling mounted lights, fans with lights can be a cost-effective lighting and cooling solution for any room. Such fans have the distinctive advantage of integrating both of these essential functions into one decorative appliance that keeps the space cool while offering the perfect amount of light. Havells offers truly world-class ceiling fans with LED light fixtures, available in amazing designs, styles, colors and finishes. These ceiling fans can be controlled through remote, so you don’t have to move an inch to change the intensity of light or speed of your fan.

Types of Ceiling Fans with Light Fixtures

Generally, you will find three types of ceiling fans with lights, fans with underlights or downlights, fans with uplights, and fans combining both the styles.

Ceiling Fans with Downlights

The ceiling fans with underlights or downlights comprise of lighting fixtures mounted below the fan motor, providing direct light to the area. Though generally bought together as part of the inclusive ceiling fan unit, downlights are also offered as light kits which can be added to an existing ceiling fan. This is the most popular type of ceiling fans with lighting fixtures, considering their range of customizable lighting configurations, which consist of various decorative light fixtures in a selection of styles and colors. Havells has a premium selection of ceiling fans with downlights, such as, Momenta, Opus, Ebony, Veneto, Aureus, Avion, Cedar, Futuro, Dew, and Urbane.

Ceiling Fans with Uplights

As the name suggests, uplight ceiling fans are the ones that have the light mounted on top of the ceiling fan motor, emitting indirect light towards the ceiling and downwards through the fan blades. These fans are perfect for creating right ambience, while carrying out two functions altogether. Besides providing ambient light in a discreet manner, uplight ceiling fans create a charming glow in the room. Ceiling fans with uplights are particularly chosen for bedrooms, or any other space in the home, where indirect lighting is desired. Florina is the stylish ceiling fan with uplights from the house of Havells.

Ceiling Fans with Both Uplights and Downlights

Apart from the above-mentioned categories, there are ceiling fans with the combination of both uplights and downlights. These are the most flexible ones, which allow both lighting options to be used at the same time, or choosing either of the two considering the amount of light required and the mood you want to create in the room. Lumos is the elegant ceiling fan with combination of both uplights and downlights from Havells.


As people are leaving no stone unturned to smarten up their home décor, the ceiling or the fifth wall too deserves a stylish touch and what can be better than installing an aesthetically designed ceiling fan with lights. Fans outfitted with light fixtures serve as a multipurpose appliance, as they heat, cool and light up their dwelling space. No matter what ceiling fan you choose, they will add to the aesthetics of your much-loved space. These energy-efficient fans will not only help you save on electricity bills, but will also lend a unique and elegant look to your space. Whether you’re looking for something classical or modern, you’ll find a ceiling fan to suit your taste at Havells. Change the look and feel of your existing décor by just replacing your old fan with a Havells designer ceiling fan with lights!

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