Easy Tips for Cleaning Ceiling Fans
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  • May 16, 2018
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Easy Tips for Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans, undoubtedly, make the favorite cooling appliance among people in India. Moreover, the tropical weather calls for its extensive usage for most of the calendar months of the year. Considering that every working appliance calls for some maintenance, cleaning your ceiling fan after a regular time period is a good idea to enjoy the trouble-free performance. Cleaning not only makes your fan look sparkling, but also adds to its splendor and prolonged existence.

What Happens When You Don’t Clean the Ceiling Fan?

If not given its due cleaning, a ceiling fan catches up dirt and dust on its blades and around the motor, which looks not only awful but can also result in wobbling, humming and motor failure as well. Besides this, a dusty ceiling fan – in its working mode – spreads the dirt and grime all over the room. That is why, it is suggested that you should clean your ceiling fan at least once in a month.

How to Clean a Ceiling Fan?

Though cleaning a ceiling fan might appear a herculean task, it is actually not following these simple tips. To ensure safety, you must turn off your ceiling fan and make sure that its blades are still before you start the cleaning process. You must also wear eyeglasses to prevent dust falling off in your eyes. While using a stool or a step-ladder, make sure that its balance is just right. Keep all the required things handy before venturing into any method.

Method 1: Using a Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a wide and flat dusting attachment, you can easily clean your ceiling fan. To ensure proper cleaning of the ceiling fan, the fan blades must be easily reachable. For this, you can use a stool or a step-ladder to make sure that you can reach the fan blades without any problem. While cleaning the fan, run the brush attachment across the blades gradually in one direction. Repeat the process for all the blades to find a sparkling clean fan. In case you still find dust, you can clean it off with a damp rag.

Method 2: Using a Long-Handled Duster

If you’re among the ones who clean their fans regularly, using a long-handled duster might come as the easiest way to clean the ceiling fan. Before starting cleaning, you must cover the area beneath the fan with a tarp sheet to collect grime. In order to avoid inhaling dust, you should cover your nose and mouth with a piece of cloth. Start cleaning the fan gradually by dusting the canopy, then down rod and fan motor cover. When you’re cleaning the fan blades, begin from the top of the blades by moving duster from one end to the other end. Repeat the process for the other blades too. Now clean the bottom of the blades using the same technique. Once you’re done, pick up the tarp sheet carefully and take it to the trash and outside to get rid of the grime.

Method 3: Using an Old Pillowcase

Yes, you read that right, “a pillowcase.” This is one of the most interesting and efficient ways of cleaning a ceiling fan. To start with, you need a stool or step ladder so that you can reach the fan blades without trouble. Take an old pillowcase and slip it into a single fan blade like the way you do with pillows. Subsequently, pull the pillowcase off the blade slowly while holding the blade from both the sides to make sure that all the dust wipes off and falls directly into the pillowcase. Repeat the process on each blade. You can remove the residual dust with a damp cloth. You can clean the pillowcase by dumping the maximum dust in the trash. And then, all it needs is a round of regular washing. This method hardly takes any time and doesn’t create any mess.

To Put in Succinct Terms

Irrespective of the method you bring into play, make sure that you don’t put extra pressure on the blades so that they don’t get deformed. Though the fan blades get the most dust and grime, the fan with lights needs to be cleaned too. If you have a ceiling fan with light, it is recommended to clean the light fixtures once or twice a year. As per the type of light fixture, you can either wipe it clean with a rag, or scrub it in the sink, and mount it again when it’s completely dry. Havells, a premium brand for electrical products, offers a range of ceiling fans in many styles, colors, finishes, and designs. Havells ceiling fans feature dust and mark resistant coating, keeping your cleaning process absolutely undemanding. Enjoy amazing air-delivery and efficient performance with ceiling fans from Havells!

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