Understanding Ceiling Fans Better
  • by Havells India
  • April 9, 2018
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Understanding Ceiling Fans Better

A ceiling fan is the most basic cooling system found in almost every home. Unlike air-conditioners, ceiling fans generally don’t cool the space, or air in a room. However, they enable the occupants to feel cool. The air-flow from a well-sized and well-positioned ceiling fan cools the occupants by disrupting the dormant layer of air that occupies the room or space, resulting in heat loss. Cooling or heat loss can happen in two forms, first when cool air comes in contact with the skin and lessens heat via convection, and secondly when relatively dry air passes over the skin and reduces heat via sweat evaporation. So, ceiling fans are all about evaporative cooling as they cool the occupants not spaces.

Once a fan operates, it moves the warm air out and circulates the cool air throughout a room or space. As told earlier, fans do not actually cool the room, yet they escalate the process of perspiration evaporation from the skin surface, making the occupants feel cool. Undoubtedly, ceiling fans with high-performance motors and aerodynamically designed blades are the best bet for cooling a space or room.  Like, the Ceiling Fans from Havells that offer amazing air-delivery, with energy-efficient and almost no-noise operation.

Ceiling fans are typically considered as the most affordable and energy-efficient approach to cool any space or room. Not only fans are much cheaper than air coolers and air-conditioners, but are also very low on energy consumption. To ensure the optimum air-flow, the fans must be properly maintained by keeping their blades dust-free. Generally, people overlook the importance of keeping fan blades free from dust and dirt, which on accumulation hampers the overall performance of the fan. However, it would be imperative to know that proper ventilation is the key to keep any space fresh and moisture-free. Any space with good ventilation will not get humid, and will also allow the fan to perform better by driving out the stale air and bringing in fresh air to comfort the occupants.

Good Ventilation – A spacious, well-ventilated room or home is marked by its windows, ventilators and doors. In such spaces, fans can perform efficiently by bringing in fresh air while driving out the stale air. They will not only cool the room, but also keep the moisture and humidity in check. Almost all types of fan can work efficiently in such spaces.

Poor Ventilation – Any cramped room or space, lacking windows or ventilators, is likely to get quite hot and stuffy, seeing that the scope of air-circulation is minimal in such spaces. In fact, poor ventilation also leads to the formation of mold spores in rooms. In the given situation, a ceiling fan will not perform to its optimum level. However, an exhaust fan or window fan will work to make the space better.

On a concluding note, the essential requirement to cool a room or space is good ventilation. Fans work their best and offer optimum air-delivery in spacious and well-ventilated rooms with windows and ventilators. Havells range of ceiling fans is the best in terms of designing, technology, efficiency, and performance. Experience brilliant aesthetics together with superior air-flow with Havells Fans!

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