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  • October 6, 2018
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Advantages of Havells Modular Contactors

It is not just us who are getting smarter each day with our improved ways of living, technology that powers our electrical system is also advancing at a rapid rate. Our current homes, offices, and other enclosed spaces are increasingly becoming efficient, safe, and smart.

Just like the rise of smart phones from the oversized brick-like feature phones we used to carry once, the electrical systems in living spaces have also become smart. This is powering home automation as the next wave of advancement occurring around the country.

There is also a larger trend of automating processes in wiring of buildings and installations. It has led to a demand for energy efficient and compact load controlling devices that can be easily integrated to existing building setup.

To meet this growing need of modern electrical infrastructure, Havells has designed a wide range of Modular Contactors that powers a centralised control and remote switching of electric devices used in various building structures such as hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, offices, public buildings, sport centres, domestic and applications.

Modular Contactors are electro-mechanical devices used for remote switching of loads, in other words, offers automated switching. These contactors are usually used for centrally switching and controlling of electric circuits for the building’s automation systems, HVAC systems, lighting, under floor heating, pumps, etc. In essence, modular contractors perform the function of remote controlling electric circuits

 The range of Modular Contactors meet the latest offering under Havells Euro 2 range of control and protection devices. Available in the options of 16A to 63A rating, in the configuration of single pole or multi pole, automatic, and manual versions with having contact configurations. The range offers a complete package for meeting diverse application needs of modern homes and other commercial establishments. The automation era we live in today has led to the demand for control and monitoring devices like modular contactors.

 Havells modular contactors offer a host of features that make them unique and the ideal choice existing and new buildings structures.

Top Features

Safety Terminals: These terminals guide the cable towards the cage terminal and avoid improper cable termination which can result in the disruption of the electric passage between the wires and the contact point.

Easy symmetrical DIN Rail Mounting with a 2-stage DIN clip simplifies extraction from DIN Rail.

Finger Touch Protection: It conforms to the IP-20 Terminals to ensure protection of the operator during installation and maintenance.

It is completely homogenous with the entire range of Havells Modular products making it easy and convenient to integrate with existing systems that use Havells products.

Retro Fit Auxiliary: It has a very simple Clip-on, tool-free attachment with the contactor that enables it to be retrofitted

Operating Mode Selection: Manual contactors have four position selectors on front face to choose between the following options: autonomous operating mode, temporary ‘ON’ mode, permanent ‘ON’ mode, or the shutdown mode

Contact status indicator: It allows for quick identification of the exact operating status by mechanical indicator that turns red when it is ON.

Reduces noise level: This enables superior comfort and ambience in building segment applications

These features give Havells modular contactors an edge over the competition as they offer many advantages.

Summary of Advantages offered by Havells Modular Contactors

These contactors do not produce any humming noise during the entire life of the product, hence offering a quiet and comfortable performance. They also have a very low switching noise. These advantages are essential for spaces where quietness is utmost important such as in the case of hospital rooms and buildings, residential living spaces, hotels, meeting rooms, and so on.

The high energy-efficiency also leads to savings on the electricity bills by as these contactors by Havells consume less electricity during operation. They are also installation-friendly and can be retrofitted, and offer high degree of protection and safety to the handler.

To know more about Havells Modular Contactors, click here.


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