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  • September 26, 2018
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Ensure Safety and Security with Smoke Extraction Motors

When it comes to the safety and security from fire, people often think about flame extinguisher and fire alarm, the usual safety mechanisms they have in place. Even smoke detector is commonly used in homes and factories. However, many are not aware of smoke extraction as something very critical to the safety of residents and factory personnel in case of fire.

During non-emergency situations, smoke extraction motors serve the purpose of ensuring air circulation in closed environments where ventilation could be a challenge. During emergency situations, these motors become a life-saving device that can withstand high temperatures and provide quick extraction of smoke and heat, which ultimately delays the propagation of fire. It provides the much-needed critical time for humans to access emergency exits and get to safety.


Smoke extraction motors can have applications ranging from residential to complex manufacturing facilities. In residential use, independent houses that have basements must consider getting a smoke extraction motor. It can serve the purpose of ensuring air circulation and removal of heat from the basement. In case of fire, the motor will jump into action and remove smoke quickly. The reason why smoke removal becomes critical is that during a fire, it is not the fire that kills, asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in such instances. Smoke inhalation is when a person breathes in the byproducts of combustion in an event of fire.

Inhaling smoke during a fire leads to multiple internal injuries that becomes fatal if not immediately evacuated and medical treatment is administered. The inhalation leads to thermal injury in the upper airway duct. The soot from smoke can lead to chemical injury to the air duct, and carbon monoxide poisoning is another leading killer in smoky conditions. Fires can also lead to the release of many toxic gases when certain materials with lethal composition starts to burn. These gasses may not be visible to the naked eyes as a smoke would but can lead to instant death upon contact with human beings. A fire also produces gaseous compounds that interfere and damage body’s oxygen use at the cellular level.

Havells India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggest electrical companies that manufacture top-of-the-range products for commercial and residential use. Havells manufactures smoke extraction motors for a variety of applications. Its smoke extractors are manufactured using the AEG technology and are primarily designed for driving smoke extraction fans.

These smoke extraction motors by Havells are made to meet international standards. They employ squirrel-cage rotor mechanism for varied type of installations for smoke and heat extraction. They meet the EN 12101-3 standards for usage in buildings and structures where smoke control is vital because of their restrictive shape and design. These motors are classified as per EN 12101-3 that entails the following operation abilities: F250, which corresponds to operation at 250C for up to 120 min; F300, which corresponds to operation at 300C for up to 60 min.

In short, these smoke extraction motors are also manufactured to operate at 250 degree Celsius, 300 degree Celsius, and 400 degree Celsius for up to 2 hours. Their performance and operation capabilities have been thoroughly vetted, checked, and certified by a third-party agency. So, one can be assured about the efficacy of these motors in a real-life situation of emergency. These smoke extraction motors by Havells play a vital role in preventing suffocation, removing poisonous gasses, smoke, heat, soot, harmful air-borne materials, and more importantly save lives without fail when it matters the most. For Smoke Extraction Motor’s brochure click here.

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