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  • August 13, 2019
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Beautifying Cities with the Right Outdoor Lighting

Every city has some structural landmark that holds pride of the place. The building, monument or statue could be a testament to the history and culture of the city, a symbol of what the city stands for, or simply a work of modern art to add to the city’s aesthetic value. New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris, the Eiffel Tower, London boasts the Big Ben Clock Tower, and Delhi has an impressive collection like the Old Fort (Purana Qila), to name one of them.

Delhi’s many monuments, open spaces and greenery add to the beautification of the city. But, while these settings attract tourists and gain appreciation during the day, their beauty is wasted after dark. In a bustling city like Delhi there is plenty of scope for these visual treats to continue to be admired even after sunset. With the right lighting in the right place, Delhi’s cultural pride can keep shining all through the day and night.

What Happens When You Light Up A Structure?

Focusing the right kind of light on a building can do a lot more than just brighten up the structure. An artistic play of the lights can give the attraction a whole new personality at night. The sedate, sometimes ominous ancient structure, turns into a glittering palace ready to light up the night. More people are drawn to the structure and the stunning architecture is admired and appreciated.

Lighting up buildings and spaces in an artistic way all across the city can make the whole city come alive with not only a new look, but a whole new character. Playing with different coloured lights, using different angles, and lighting up different areas of monuments can beautify a city on a whole new level and give it an almost fairyland-like quality. Lit up spaces also feel safer and more welcoming. Where dark areas can feel potentially threatening, areas that are well-lit attract more people and add to the security of the place.

Beautification and beyond

Delhi for all its stunning monuments and natural beauty still had a lot of untapped resources. There were spaces lying unused like those under flyovers and at roundabouts, and there were areas where there was no place for residents to go for a run, safely walk after dark, or spend time with the family. The government took up the initiative of beautifying the city with the aim of transforming unused spaces and making them more accessible.

Bit by bit these spaces started to take on a new look. The unused land started to come alive with flowering plants, water features and safe spaces for residents. People had a place to work on their health goals with the new jogging and walking tracks that were developed, and the areas felt a whole lot nicer and more welcoming. The beauty of the Capital City was taken to new heights with the new gardens and walkways that graced the cityscape.

The dark saw a new light

The city beautification partnership with Havells went above and beyond what was expected. At night the newly beautified spaces were set in an all new light. With spectacular outdoor lighting, the gardens and paths went from beautiful to breath-taking. The artistically placed lights not only welcomed people to these spaces after dark but also made them feel safe and secure. Families started frequenting these area and unaccompanied women felt safe enough to take their daily walks on the tracks.

Using LEDs was a smart choice because these versatile lighting solutions were both long-lasting and consumed less energy. From Bollards, post tops & Flood lights, it was easy to get creative with LEDs and use them to enhance the aesthetics of these areas. Imagine walking down a path surrounded by gently swaying plants and a row of pretty light brightening your way. This is the reality in Delhi now. A walk in the city after dark is a visual treat, where a sense of community has been instilled and residents can feel a lot healthier and happier.

Beautification of a city is a collective effort. By providing for the needs of the citizens, making use of underutilised spaces, lighting up areas to make them safe and secure, and adding greenery, Delhi has become a delightful place to live.

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