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  • October 6, 2019
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Love camping? Don’t forget the lantern behind!

Your venturous soul loves to explore the world around. And while going on such intrepid expeditions, you require some special gear that can assist you in your once-in-a-lifetime moments. When you’re all set to spend a night in the wilderness, you know that you have to pitch a tent, make the fire to cook food and answer the nature’s call in the middle of the night. To keep your surroundings visible in the pitch-black night, a portable lantern is of great help. In fact, you can call it your BFF of your camping breaks.

While camping, you need a reliable lamp that can aid you in seeing the surrounds without any problem. According to your requirements, your lamp should be collapsible if you’re heading towards a light backpacking trip, waterproof if you’re on the way to water, trendy to suit your fashion sense and overall, it should offer bright lighting to meet the actual purpose.  There can be multiple features which you may look for, to suit your need. Havells, being a premium brand for electrical good, offers a range of portable lights out of which lanterns are something that can be used for a variety of purposes.

From its kitty of portable lanterns, the first that grabs the attention is Lumina. The Lumina is a powerful 3.2 W rechargeable LED lantern with 3-step dimming and SOS mode. This portable lantern features a 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery which can be recharged easily with the provided power cord at 230V AC. It offers instant light response with 360° illumination. Moreover, it is absolutely environment friendly as it consumes low energy and produces low running temperature with no UV and IR radiation. This elegant lantern can be carried or hung easily using its handle and can also be kept over floor or table. With a back-up of upto 8 hours, the Lumina can prove to be a perfect companion on your camps/ treks.

Solis is another portable lantern from the electrical giant that features sturdy ABS housing. This 2.8 W rechargeable lantern has got a 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery with a back-up of 3 hours. As far as the optics is concerned, the Solis offers bright white light at an instant. It is absolutely safe as it does not produce UV or IR radiation. And the best part is that it comes with a dimming knob for gradual dimming. So, if you want to keep the lantern on while sleeping, you can set on the dimmest mode. Again, the portable lamp has a handle which lets you take it wherever you want.

Havells has many marvels to look at. Galaxy Lantern is one such 5W rechargeable lantern which boasts of a battery back-up of almost 14 hours. Its 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery can be recharged through the given power cord. It offers bright white light with 180° illumination. It is absolutely portable, light-weight yet sturdy. It acts like an emergency light which can be used at homes, offices or outdoors, actually whenever and wherever you want.

Amongst the portable lanterns, the brand also has solar lanterns, which of course, utilize solar energy to offer the lighting. Lumina Solar Lantern is actually the solar version of Lumina that comes with a solar charge panel. This 3.2 W solar rechargeable LED lantern boasts of 3-step dimming and SOS mode as well. Available in the colour choice of red and yellow, the lantern is efficient enough to provide wide range illumination along with dimming options. Then comes the Dazzle Plus Solar Lantern Cum Torch which is a rechargeable LED torch, featuring a 2000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. This stylish lantern can be used as a torch as well as lantern, and can be charged via microUSB or inbuilt solar panel.  It comes with relevant handles to hold it according to the mode of usage.

On a concluding note

While camping, you have to have a lantern which comes handy in your chores. When you’re purchasing one for your next trip, do consider your requirements, the features a particular lantern has and your budget beforehand. Of course, you want a portable, lightweight lamp that can be carried easily instead of a bulky one. Other major point could be its battery back-up and the mode of charging. In a place where electricity is not available, it is better to abide by the ones with solar panels. Most of the lanterns available these days have LEDs which are the best in offering amazing illumination. Havells offers portable lanterns which are efficient, durable, highly portable, functional and rechargeable. Moreover, they are elegantly designed to reflect your taste and style. These portable lanterns offer bright light with wide range of illumination. So, without any further delay, check out the range and get your camping partner along!

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