3 Basic Types of Lighting for your Home and Office
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  • May 2, 2018
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3 Basic Types of Lighting for your Home and Office

Lighting can indeed change the entire look and feel of any place, be it your home or office. It not only allows you to perform tasks easily, but also makes you feel safe and comfortable. Moreover, right lighting can enhance the ambience of any space, making it more inviting and appealing. Especially if we talk about homes, it is a multi-functional space which is used for relaxing, working, cooking, eating, sleeping, partying and what not. Considering the fact, the lighting should be apt and correspond to the setting and usage of a particular room or space.

Before installing any lighting fixture, you must ascertain your needs, and consider the activities that occur in each room; you also need to be sure about what kind of atmosphere you want to create in a particular room. Do remember that light gets absorbed in dark-colored rooms, whereas works as an additional lighting source in light-colored rooms. A good lighting plan is essentially a combination of all three types, taking into account the function and style of the particular room. The three basic types of lighting that illuminate your home are Ambiant Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting.

Generally, a single light source is expected to meet all types of lighting requirements in a room. However, it is worth knowing how different types of lighting serves different purposes, or meets different requirements. Considering that each type of lighting has its own rationale, we must understand the types of lighting and how they can be used to create just apt atmosphere while meeting the requirements.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting, also called general lighting, is the most common type of lighting which provides overall illumination to a room. It lights up the entire space so that people can easily see and move safely throughout the area. It is the basic form of lighting which is essential to a lighting plan. Ambient lighting can be accomplished, using lighting fixtures, like Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Sconces, Wall Lights, Floor Lamps, and Recessed or Track Lights, inside the home.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is comparatively bright lighting that allows you to perform specific tasks, like reading, cooking, writing, sewing, etc. It needs to be without distracting glare and shadows, should be adequately bright to prevent eyestrain. Task lighting works well only when it is used as a contrasting light, for instance, a table lamp in a low-lit room will be more effective than a brightly-lit room. Task lighting can be provided by Desk, Swing Arm and Floor Lamps, Under Cabinet and Vanity Lights, Pendant and Track Lights.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting works to create a visual interest by focusing on specific points. This is a kind of concentrated light, done intentionally, to draw attention towards particular spots. It not only adds drama and style to any space, but also helps to highlight the textured wall, paintings, plants, sculptures or even general architecture while shadowing dull areas. Accent lighting is much bright and concentrated, thus, calls for almost three times more light on the focal point than the ambient lighting in the room. Accent lighting can be accomplished by Wall Lights, Recessed Lighting and Spot Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Track and Under Cabinet Fixtures.

On a Concluding Note

We all know that lighting is essential for our day to day living. But knowing the right way to illuminate your space can be helpful in creating the desired atmosphere. After knowing the types of lighting, you must have got an idea for how to go about your preferred lighting plan. Havells, the leading brand for electrical goods, offers energy-efficient lighting solutions for your much-loved spaces. Its range of lighting fixtures includes LED Panels, LED Downlighters, LED Spotlights, LED Lamps, LED Strips, Wall Sconces, Table Lamps and much more. According to your needs and preferences, you may choose from the wide variety of lighting products from Havells!

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