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  • October 19, 2018
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Better Light Better Life with Havells LED

Come this Friday, 19th October, it’s the day that every Bengali in India looks forward to. It’s the fifth day of Durga Puja, or the day of Bijoya Dashami when idol immersion of Maa Durga will take place across Kolkata and the country. This day also coincides with Vijayadashmi, or in other words Dusshera. The festival of Dusshera that ends the period of darkness and triumph of good over evil.

More often than not, people associate Dusshera with the burning of the 10-headed effigy of Ravana stuffed with firecrackers for added effect. However, the real symbolism behind the elaborate event of burning massive structures of Ravana along with other protagonists is the end of evil and the victory of good over it.

Dusshera is celebrated on the ninth day of fasting in Navratri. Throughout these nine days, theatrical dramatization of lord Rama’s life is enacted by colorfully-dressed actors. Each day a part from the mythology of Ramayana is told through stage performances. On the last day, the killing of Ravana by Rama is played out that ends with an arrow lit with fire piercing through the effigy of Ravana setting it on fire.

Ravana is killed by Lord Rama for his evil act of abducting latter’s wife and holding her against her wishes. Dusshera is not merely retelling of a past story or glorification of an event without a message for all humanity. It is a representation of light rising and prevailing over darkness to guide the mankind towards goodness. It is also a message to everyone that at the end, evil is always defeated by the good and peace prevails.

Likewise, in our own lives, we always tend to lean towards light than darkness. We always wait for the sun to rise up and begin our day. After a cloudy day, we always look for the sunshine to reappear. After every dusk we await the dawn. And, with the sundown, the first thing we do is switch on the lights, be it home, streets, or car headlight. Lighting plays a vital role in the well-being of human beings.

It’s not just light but it is the right light that is vital for us to function properly. In fact, light regulates our circadian rhythm, our natural biological clock. The right intensity of light is essential. Also, artificial lights that we use run on electricity, which is produced mainly by burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. So, the more we use artificial light, the more we are draining the environment. So, we have steadily made lighting more efficient so that it consumes less amount of electricity.

Havells with its large portfolio of LED lighting solutions has been a pioneer in producing lights that provide the best balance between intensity, efficiency, and longevity. The brand has a range of LED lighting products such as LED panels, LED downlighters, LED spotlights, COB, LED surface fitting, LED lamps, home décor, LED strips, Portable lighting, and LED battens.

These lights produce highly accurate levels of light be it white light or yellow. They are also highly efficient and consume very little electricity compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or even CFL solutions. They are also made taking environment into considerations. Havells LED lights are also extremely durable where some models have a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours before needing a replacement.

Dusshera marks the beginning of the festivities that will culminate with the festival of lights, Diwali. Every home, street, and market will be lit bright with lights. It is also the time of the year to welcome a new year with lights. Let’s make the switch to LED lights by Havells and let’s end darkness with the right lighting solution. To know more about Havells LED lighting products, click here.

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