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  • October 15, 2018
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 Havells pulls through Light India with much success and fanfare

One of the largest lighting events in the country, Light India, which was open to the public on October 11th, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, concluded on a high note on Saturday, October 13, 2018. Havells pulled through the event with much success and a barrage of appreciation for its entire range of lighting solutions and the way they were demonstrated.


A lot of credit goes to the implementation of ‘Smart Campus’ that was designed to showcase Havells’ lighting products that will light up the future smart cities and existing landmarks of India. On display, these intelligent lighting technologies included professional, consumer, and solar categories.

The lineup of products included all major professional lighting solutions such as Area Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Clean Room Lighting, RGB Architectural Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Meeting Room, and Office Lighting featuring the POE technology on display. Also, consumer focused consumer lighting and solar-based lighting ranges were also on display.

The event also witnessed the launch of the latest ‘Impressions’ range of architectural lighting fixtures from the house of Havells lighting. It was the perfect occasion to showcase the newest capabilities to potential future customers and industry experts.

Star Attraction – Command Centre

A real-time demonstration of the professional connected lighting solution range was given to all the visitors. The star attraction of the event was not the live DEMO but the Command Centre. It was a specially-designed control centre from where all professional lighting could be operated, demonstrated, and controlled, real-time.

As if it was out of a sci-fi movie, the command centre was made up of multiple monitors, computers, and switches that allowed switching on/off lights, dim lights, increase light intensity, see real-time power consumption, collect and analyze data, and do much more sitting at one place. It was the only type of such setup in the entire event. It was a unique way of showing how Havells’ professional lighting solutions would actually work in the real world.


The first day of the event concluded with a lot of praise for the ‘Command Centre’ within the ‘Smart Campus’ booth by Havells. The brand’s participation at the ‘Light India’ event on the first day turned out to be a success culminating with an overwhelming response.

The Day 2 of the event started with a conference that was organized by Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers’ Association of India (ELCOMA). The focus of the discussion was on Futuristic Intelligent Lighting that will be mainstream in all existing and future smart cities of India.

rsz_dsc_9468Key leaders from the Lighting division of Havells, Professional Lighting, were present and represented Havells at the conference. They participated in the conference by delivering a presentation on Connected Lighting for Indoor Spaces. The session highlighted the capabilities of Havells indoor lighting solutions that can reduce energy cost by up to 90%, deliver quality light, and provide data-driven insights. The conference saw participation by top consultants, lighting professionals, industry veterans, and heads of top lighting manufacturers in the country. There were also members from the Ministry of State, Ministry of Labor and Employment, and Parliament, Govt. of India present.Meanwhile, as the second day of ‘Light India’ event went on with an insightful conference, the Smart Campus booth of Havells was brimming with activities as curious onlookers checked out the key highlights of Havells’ lighting solutions. The biggest pull at the Smart Campus was Havells’ ‘Command Centre’, as it was a one-of-its-kind setup in the event to showcase intelligent lighting systems in action wherein the lights were controlled real-time from the remote location of the command centre.


The final day three got even bigger at Light India event with the presence of Shri Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), Government of India, who graced the occasion with his visit to our Smart Campus booth by Havells.


He keenly watched the live demonstration of Havells’ intelligent lighting solutions that was provided to him by Havells’ business head of the professional lighting. The day three of Light India concluded with success as Havells received an overwhelming response and encouragement by visitors.

Havells’ lighting capabilities received rave reviews by consultants, industry experts, and other visitors. The brand looks forward to repeating the success in future by bringing the next-generation lighting solutions for industries and the masses.


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