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  • April 23, 2019
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Brilliant Ways to Light Up Your Bathroom Using Recessed Panel Lights

Bathroom space is no longer confined to a dimly-lit room reserved for hastily cleaning your body. It is steadily becoming a space where family members tend to spend a better part of the morning. Households have begun to opt for elaborative spaces and well-defined, grand designs. The objective is to replicate a spa-like, relaxing experience combined with the comfort of a home. An aspect of design that brings you closer to this dream bathroom is – lighting.

 LED lights take up a prominent share of home lighting scheme today.  They offer energy efficiency that cuts down costs on other electrical systems around the house.  Zero heat emission combined with no flickering feature makes these the best bet for bathroom fixtures.  Additionally, minimal emission of UV rays makes them a healthier choice. Above all, their long-lasting nature has ensured their place as crowd favourites.

Here are a few ways you can light up your bathroom LED lights brilliantly:

1. Recessed Panel Lights for Vanity

A bathroom today is divided into several spaces dedicated to certain activities. The space for vanity is of prime importance as this is exactly where you will prepare to tackle your day. When placing recessed panel lights around your mirror, ensure you do so on both sides. The closer the LED lights are placed to the plane of the mirror, the better illuminated it is. Combine these with elements of task lighting. Place a LED batten light right above the mirror to give you a better, brighter experience while getting ready.

2. Recessed Panel Lights for Showers

Showers and bathtubs are spaces where you need to perfectly balance safety and illumination. Better light fixtures will not only help you thoroughly enjoy your daily ablutions but will also ensure minimal slippage. The play here is to find the right kind of lights that are rated as safe to function in damp spaces. Opt for recessed panel lights that come with a lens cover or are trim in nature to promote an unobstructed bathing experience.

3. Creating the ambience

Bathroom space is synonymous with feelings of serenity, relaxation, and winding down after a long day.  Placing recessed panel lights with a warm tone would only take this feeling forward. These fixtures come in handy if your space doesn’t receive much natural light. Artificial light, when moulded your way, will create an eye-pleasing environment through and through.

4. Beyond Recessed Panel Lights

Incorporating panel lights to bring in and flaunt the aesthetic vibe into your bathroom is a great step towards bathroom light décor. However, do you know what is better? Going beyond just panel lights and opting for multiple options. Play with accent lighting by installing a LED spotlight right above a beautiful artwork or highlight the unique design of your tiles with pendant lights.

Bathroom design is all but the potential area to harness true sophistication and elegance with ease. If you can seamlessly combine high-end style with functionality, your bathroom will have refresh written all over it.

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