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  • May 13, 2019
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Lighting up Productivity

We all have our productive hours and hours when we face lethargy at work. While we feel great during productive hours, most of us tend to blame the lack of sleep or stress at work for causing drowsiness. And, then we resort to working under bright lights to combat this issue. But, is it always helpful? Probably not. This is because the cause of our changing energy levels throughout the day is the circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm, commonly known as the sleep-wake cycle, is your body’s internal clock. It works in sync with the variations in colour and intensity of the sun throughout the day. Photo-receptors in your eyes sense the bright and low light levels and signal your brain to release hormones that promote attention and relaxation. Although conventional lights have given you the flexibility to work comfortably till late night, it may also mess with your circadian rhythm due to its static nature. Thus, leading to a host of health problems and lower productivity. No doubt, 89% of our population feels stressed and burnt out! Since the colour and temperature of natural light influences your mood and energy, you need more than bright lights or static LEDs to perform optimally.

The answer – Circadian Lighting or Human Centric Lighting.

Introducing Human Centric Lighting

Studying the impact of light on individuals for years now, lighting technology experts have brought to us human centric or circadian lighting that works in sync with our circadian rhythm. This LED lighting system follows the cycle of natural light, which allows you to give your best, and at the same time promotes health and well-being.

Considering the impact of light on employee health, productivity, and potential, workplaces around the globe are deploying this lighting system that makes the most of our circadian rhythms. And, does it help improve productivity levels?

Human Centric Lighting to Boost Productivity

Improved Mood = Improved Health = Improved Business Productivity

A study on the use of human centric lighting in offices reported an overall improvement in work accuracy by 12%. The same study also stated that 76% of employees felt happier than before.

Modern life brings ways to disrupt our natural rhythm. While many people are conditioned to work for hours under traditional, artificial lighting, there are others who experience negative physical and mental health effects when constantly exposed to artificial lighting. Since conventional lights don’t reflect natural light patterns, they disrupt your circadian rhythm. Thus, leading to issues like headaches, neck pain, insomnia, fatigue, and more. Which, in turn, lowers productivity.

Human centric lighting or circadian lighting is designed to mimic the natural pattern of the sun. You can choose from a wide range of Indoor Commercial Luminaires that allow you to switch from cool, crisp to warm tones. Thanks to tunable technology, you can now adjust the colour and intensity of light with a click. Considering the common wisdom that warmer tones stimulate and ambers relax, you can adjust the colour and intensity of light to maintain your circadian health. Use a light colour with blue wavelength, which is known to stimulate activity, to promote alertness and increase productivity during the day. Switch to a warmer tone and reduce the brightness as you approach night for a comfortable atmosphere at work.

When you are exposed to the patterns of natural light indoors, it brings stability in routine, improves your mood, benefits your health, thus, allowing you to perform at your optimum level. Efficiency and higher productivity are natural outcomes of such a setting.

What’s more? LED luminaries have always been a preferred choice when it comes to energy efficient solutions. And, the programmable ability to tailor light to suit your requirements acts as a cherry on the cake. For a blend of uncompromising design and functionality choose from suspended luminaries to panel lighting and downlights.

The relationship between lighting and health is still being explored. Circadian lighting is a step toward endeavors to light up health and productivity. While we may see more such innovations in the future, for now, when the world is moving toward a work culture that revolves around humans, why not take it forward with human centric or circadian lighting.

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