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  • January 4, 2022
  • Lighting

Crossway, a Smart Lighting Solutions for citizen safety and the city

The safety of citizens is integral to the development of a country. Though there are many aspects to security, there is one in particular that we would like to highlight, and it is robust lighting solutions for people on vehicles and crossing/walking down the street. To a large extent, these illuminations are designed by keeping the motorist at the core and people on foot are confined to a narrow pavement space. 

Since the city’s overall layout can’t change much so Havells, an Indian electrical equipment company, has in its vast gamut a lighting technology called Crossway, a Smart Lighting Solutions that makes roads safer for everyone. This new generation energy-saving and environmentally friendly luminaire is a suitable system for people, urban planners and city developers. 

 It makes zebra crossings and accident-prone intersections safe for civilians as it is powered with dedicated optics with asymmetrical light distribution ensuring high levels of vertical illuminance onto the crossing pedestrians, to ensure that they are visible to approaching motorists. The Crossway has excellent cut-off for controlling glare, hence enhancing clarity and making night driving safe for them.

Moreover, with help of 3 CCT options (Amber. Warm white and Cool White) offered in Crossway Light Fixture, colour contrast is created with respect to CCT of normal street-light, it ensures driver’s attention throughout the night on road and zebra crossings. These features are significant in making the town safe by lowering the accident rates and creating a safe and convenient environment for habitation. Pedestrians, the most vulnerable users of road space, will now be more visible to drivers adhering to the National Lighting Code’s SP 72:2010 norms.

For the city, investing in Crossway technology is beneficial in many ways. It uses LED lights which are long lasting, and thus, the system comes with an average life of nearly 50000 hours. The light units also work on temperature ranging from 10 °C to high summer heat of + 50 °C, making them beneficial for a country such as India. Lastly, this high-performance electronic lighting system requires zero maintenance and does not emit harmful UV and IR radiations making it a perfect smart lighting solution. Authorities can identify the crossings that should be given priority for potential installation or the so-called “fatality zones” that correspond to public places, markets, hospitals, business centres, malls and even housing sectors which may have elderly people.

With advantages for both sides, Havells Crossway Smart Lighting Solution is a one-stop resolution that should be considered in order to enhance the security of the city and its people.

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