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  • January 20, 2022
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Redoing your Home Lighting? Here’s What you Must Know!

So, finally you have decided to change the out-dated lights and redoing the lighting scheme of your home. Glad that you’ve come to the right place! As we all know, lighting choices can absolutely change the look and feel of any place. Even if you’re bored of the same old lighting fixtures, replacing them with new ones can bring about a refreshing change to your interiors. Given below are few points that would help you in redoing your home lighting, and impart an entirely new look to your home.

Set a Lighting Focal Point

Not everything deserves your attention. Likewise, highlighting each and everything doesn’t make sense. It is important to understand that larger spaces, such as, dining room or family room deserve a great focal point like a chandelier. You can employ a smart floor lamp or vintage-inspired sconces in small rooms.

Choose Layer Lighting

To make balance and to utilize the space perfectly, you must have at least three sources of light in every room. You can reduce the bulb wattage and size of the light fixtures in small rooms. And make sure to use accent lighting as it helps to highlight the extra details.

Dimmers are Crucial

Not only they help you cut back on your power bills, but also have the power to change a room’s atmosphere instantly. If you actually want to have control over lighting in your home, get as much as dimmers installed with as many fixtures. You can use dimmers to change the mood and strike a balance between artificial light and natural light.

Light up the Unexpected

Lighting is not just restricted to overhead fixtures and portable lamps. You can actually try out different ways to light up the corners or some special points, and give your home a personalized touch. Probably you can hang a pendant light over your favourite reading corner in your bedroom or highlight that bookshelf that boasts of holding rare books with mini lights. You can actually uplight a plant by hiding a small spotlight behind the pot and keeping it at a 45- degree angle up toward the foliage. So, there could be innumerable ideas right there on your mind. Just use your creative abilities!

Change the Oldest Lighting Fixture or Bulbs that You Use Often

Changing old lighting fixtures will change the look of your space and bring savings on your power bills as well. In the present times, manufacturers are making energy efficient LED lamps that last longer and trim utility bills. Likewise, change the bulbs that you use often with LEDs as they are efficient in illumination as well as energy saving.

Choose a Bright-Coloured Shade

If you’re bored of that subtle shade, replace it with a bright coloured shade and enjoy the rejuvenated look of your space. Yes, the modest lampshades can bring about a major change with a low-cost replacement.

Install an Exterior Fixture

Lighting up your exteriors is as important as your interiors. Not only they beautify your home, but also ensure safety, security and convenience. If your entrance is dark, it is better to have at least one or two sconces installed. You can also use spot lights on either of the passage or walkway.

So, here’s quick guide on redoing your home lighting. Given the options available in the market these days, you have endless possibilities to create a well-illuminated beautiful space. Havells, being a premium brand for lighting fixtures and electrical appliances, offers a wide range of smart lighting, wall sconces, LED downlighters, smart battens, pendant lights and much more. Do check out the range and install the perfect ones in your space. Happy lighting!

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