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  • August 11, 2020
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Elevate your home with Home Art Lights

Lighting mesmerizes the mood and feel of a home, and hence, buying them for every area can easily be considered one of the most significant purchases. From brightening the space to giving it a different yet lively and homely feel, everything happens with this source of illumination.

So, if you are pondering over the thought of changing or upgrading lights, then Havells Home Art Lights is a one-stop-shop for all of your requirements. This aesthetically superior range comprises chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights, etc. and is designed to meet the tasteful requirements and technical preferences of consumers who desire elegant, innovative solutions. Available in four themes- Grandeur, Quint Essence, Enchanting Jewels, and Eclectic Pop, that suit different lifestyle demands. These lights are ideal for anywhere from a lobby, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, or the outdoor.

Let’s get started by telling you about the different themes-

  • Grandeur Theme 

We have designed this lighting line for those who would want to give their home a royal feel. The products under this range are bold, magnificent, and timeless. They are available in antique brass, bronze, and mystical black finish with rich dark tones, making it appropriate for both living room and bedroom. Moreover, its uniqueness lies in the shape of the lamps that ensure the light source is scarcely or not at all visible. So, to add that grand look to your home with Adelaide, Ornalite, Cupola, and Harriet, the four different series under Grandeur.

  • Quint Essence Theme 

The Quint Essence series is a blend of simplicity and sophistication that dazzles everyone’s attention with its eye-pleasing modern designs. Suitable for those who appreciate straightforward, elegant lighting, the fixtures are available in different metal finish and glass shade patterns. The variety available under – Florette, Floretine, and Gobleto series has classy designs in chandeliers and wall-mounted lights. The single-arm followed by a light shade resembling a blooming flower, this illumination source is best suited for the bedroom and living room.

The Quint Essence theme comes in vibrant colour palettes like the classic hues of brown and beige along with gold and glass lights brushed with a nickel finish.

  • Enchanting Jewels Theme 

The Enchanting Jewels is a collection of light fittings that are made of the most exquisite craftsmanship, which ensures in enhancing the beauty of your home. The contemporary and beautiful ornament fittings come in 4 different series- Sphero, Floretine, Crystine, and Ornate, each adding a luxurious charm with its mild steel and mouth-blown glass material and premium white and copper finish. Suitable for a living room, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, it works with both modern or traditional interiors.

  • Eclectic Pop Theme 

This range of chandeliers, floor lamp, and pendant lighting is a combination of textures, shapes, periods, styles, trends, and pop colours that add a certain vibrancy to the area. Available in mild steel material, vibrant colours of red and grey and premium chrome finish with a wooden canopy, it highlights the quirkiness of the interiors giving the room a lively and open feel.

The Eclectic Pop theme comprises 2 different series- Penelope and Fusion and is a fitment for bedrooms, a living room, lounge, study rooms, and a kitchen to give it a modern and vivid look with its abstract design lighting.

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