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  • July 30, 2020
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Illuminate your home with High-Performance Flexion Range of LED Strips

To give our homes an impressive visual appeal, most of us focus on adding fixtures and home decor items. Well, rightly so, but adding these objects also means timely up-gradation which leads to extra expense. So, before going ahead and purchasing them, have you ever thought of changing the lighting and its ambience to enhance the look of your place?

If not, then let’s tell you about cove lighting  that in recent times has found notable popularity. For those unaware of this form of illumination, it is a kind of indirect lighting that uplifts the room to give it an aesthetic appeal, from the ceiling till the floor. Incorporated into the ledges or corners of a roof or high walls, consequently hiding the light source of these luminaries to give an impressive effect to the area.

So, if you are interested and wondering which one to opt for; we would say consider the latest product by Havells called the Flexion Range of LED Strips. This range has products that are available in both single and multiple colour options that blend perfectly with any furniture or architectural features of your house. Moreover, it comes packed with the below key features-

  • Uniform glow for perfect ambience- Theperfect placement of high quality LED chips on the LED strips supports precise dissemination of beam which results in a no shadow and dark patches effect in the room.
  • Enhanced thermal management for high Durability- The printed circuit board (PCB) on which LEDs are placed is made of high-quality copper that supports excellent heat dissipation and thereby, maintains cool temperature of the LEDs delivering long lasting light. The LEDs deliver a remarkable colour consistency which is must for a perfect cove lighting solution.
  • Long Lasting Performance- Strong and durable adhesives are used in Flexion Range of LED Strips so that they do not leave their initial placement and give a prolonged performance.

In case the above benefits haven’t entirely impressed you, then there’s more. We can manage cove lighting with a remote controller that not only allows easy accessibility but more so, gives the flexibility of using the colour and brightness level of choice. Cove lighting additionally helps in giving an impression of added height to the ceiling. Also, referred to as ambient luminescence and mainly used for decoration or celebration, it fits every scene and mood, making it a suitable lightening solution for classy and modern homes.

The Flexion Range of LED Strips along with the regular capacity is furthermore available in a high wattage variant, i.e. 36W that specifically caters to the requirement of those consumers who prefer a higher light output. Thus, the Flexion Range of LED Strips addresses the earlier need for supplementary lighting to brighten an area. Another advantage of these lights are clean and fixture less ceiling, which has become a prerequisite in today’s scenario. So, if you have an artistic personality and would want to reflect the same in your homes, then opt for Havells cove lighting solution.

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