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  • October 4, 2018
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Havells brings Purana Qila back to life in a new light

India with its rich history has many historical monuments that have been either ruined, unattended or left without any lighting at night. They are in need of much attention at night as they get in the day. Old Fort or Purana Qila is one such historic architecture in the capital city of Delhi that was ignored for many years, especially the night view. The structure and the surrounding area was completely dark when visited at night as there was no lighting to illuminate the living history.

The Architectural Survey of India (ASI) in its survey observed the need for the place to be properly lit at night. As Havells believes in the philosophy of spearheading the progress of the nation without ignoring the past, which includes restoration and beautification of India’s heritage sites, it partnered with NBCC (India) Limited to beautify and transform the night view of the big and beautiful monument of Purana Qila.

Havells used its extensive range of Colorscape RGB architectural lights to create the same captivating effect that you would see in any of the greatest wonders of the world. The illumination went beyond the usual façade lighting. Instead used Havells’ Colorscape range or architectural RGB lights to create the monochrome light, included various lighting patterns, accents, and colors that beautifully enhanced and highlighted different aspects of the fort inside and outside.

During the transformation of the monument with Havells’ range of state-of-the-art Colorscape lighting solutions, a nearby lake was also restored and lit up as it was in a poor state. In addition, a jogging track was also created around the lake, for both day and night jogging. This resulted in enhancing the entire area and contributed to the overall beautification of the fort and adjacent areas.

In the process, the outside boundary wall and areas alongside the lake were also lit up. The special lighting effect covered the outside wall of the fort, main entrance gate, a mosque inside the old fort, and the parking area that was lit up with landscape lighting. The goal of the project was not only to light up the fort but the entire area that will bring back its sheen and increase night tourism with local visitors and foreigners.

Introducing lighting all around the historic location will also improve the sense of overall safety and security for people who will visit the place at night. It will provide a place for recreation activities and bring the nearby communities closer to each other.

Havells used its professional lighting solutions to bring back the glory of the heritage site that was left overlooked for many years. It used highly efficient lights with high CRI to liven up the entire Old Fort area. The Puranan Qila has been transformed and will be open to public.

Havells is proud to associate with NBCC (India) Limited in the beautification project of Purana Qila as the monument is an essential part of Delhi’s history and heritage. The project speaks volume of Havells’ capabilities in restoring the lost glory of important heritage structures with its professional lighting solutions.


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