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  • September 29, 2018
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Best Portable Lighting Solutions from the House of Havells

Even in this advanced age, there are times when darkness surrounds us. It can happen during treks, while working on something intrinsic, in our very own room when power suddenly goes off, or at almost any place and any given situation. Of course, with darkness, a sense of gloominess as well as fear prevails. For such situations, you want something or a ray of light that overcomes that fear and gives you a sense of brightness and belongingness.

Since the time artificial lighting has developed or come into use, lighting has become an inseparable part of our lives. We cannot imagine our life without lighting. So, in situations of darkness, we look for options to create lighting. Earlier these options were limited to wax candles, oil lamps, kerosene lamps and bonfire. But with the technological advancement, today you get torches or flashlights, lanterns, table lamps and even LED battens to brighten up the surrounds in one go.

Every now and then, we need lighting at different places for different reasons. And during such times, we wish to have portable lighting which can be carried along according to our requirements. Havells, being a pioneer in lighting, has designed an amazing range of portable lighting like LED Battens, Torches, Lanterns, Table Lamps, and Solar-Powered LED Lights. These rechargeable lights are suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Talking specifically about Torches, they are LED powered, ultra light, ergonomically designed, maintenance free and come with rechargeable batteries. These torches are available in different models for low range, medium range as well as long range applications. Available in wattage options of 5W, 3W and 0.5W, the Havells LED Torches have bright white LEDs which are efficient enough to let you watch clearly even in the darkest hour. The portable torch also features 2-stage illumination which means you can change the intensity of the light according to your requirement.

Havells LED Lanterns are exceptionally powerful, available in different wattage and color options. These versatile lamps can be used at home, office or any other place where you require illumination. Loaded with in-built rechargeable batteries, the portable lamps by Havells are available in 5W, 3.2W, 3W and 2.8W options. Some of the lamps come with a dimmable knob for gradual dimming too. With Havells, you also get a lantern cum torch that serves the dual purpose of torch as well as lamp.

Coming to the rechargeable LED Table Lamp, Havells has brought convenience and performance to your table through this lamp. This one-of-its-kind lamp features in-built rechargeable battery, LED lights, touch sensor dimming, and touch based on-off switch. The 4.5W rechargeable table lamp is great for both home and office use where you need focused light on the table. Moreover, its maintenance-free battery is rechargeable, earning you more savings on power bills. This portable table lamp comes with an adjustable head which can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

Wish to light up any space? Then Havells Rayline is the best bet. This LED batten – 6W rechargeable portable wall light – is loaded with a Li-Ion battery and comes with a dimming switch and a user-friendly rope switch too. It offers low glare light with acrylic milky diffuser, consumes low energy and produces low running temperature. This rechargeable LED batten is environment friendly as it doesn’t contain mercury, and can be used for different applications in homes, offices, clinics, store rooms and almost anywhere.

On a Concluding Note

Havells, in its pursuit of excellence in lighting, has always come up with innovative products. Its range of portable lighting finds its usage in different applications. Its energy efficient lighting solutions are user friendly, affordable and performers in the truest sense. Apart from the above-mentioned products, Havells also offers a range of smartly designed, solar-powered LED lights and lanterns with dimming and SOS features. These energy efficient LED lanterns are very useful when you’re out on a hiking adventure, or camping at night. So, bring home only the best portable lighting  by Havells and brighten up your world! For Havells Portable lighting click here.

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