Havells Delivers High-Precision and High-Quality Engineering Needed for Cleanroom Lighting Solutions
  • by Havells India
  • April 4, 2018
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Havells Delivers High-Precision and High-Quality Engineering Needed for Cleanroom Lighting Solutions

A cleanroom, or a clean room, is a controlled environment where provisions are made to prevent contamination from pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors, and to control other environmental factors, such as, temperature, humidity and pressure. Such rooms – may differ in size and complexity – are widely used in industries, such as, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical and life sciences, as well as critical manufacturing process like that in aerospace, optics, military and Department of Energy.

Clean rooms demand high precision, and it applies to their lighting too. Most cleanroom lighting applications call for fixtures which are energy efficient, easy to maintain, and have a long lifespan. While setting up a cleanroom, one of the most important setup considerations is its lighting. Though the requirements for cleanroom lighting could be different according to the sector, or stated differently in different guidelines, the basic considerations for cleanroom lighting are particle emission and microbial contamination.

Some other considerations may include the specific use of the clean room, the room’s classification and the type of air supply. Cleanrooms are designed in such a way that the air gets properly filtered. Depending on the function of the cleanroom, it will use either HEPA or ULPA filtration system. While selecting on lighting solutions for cleanrooms, you should bear in mind that the lighting coordinates with air-supply systems and reduces the chances of contamination. Cleanroom lighting cannot be easily upgraded due to the presence of air control systems on the ceiling, so it’s always better to invest in the right one.

Cleanroom luminaires are especially designed to be used in healthcare facilities, operating rooms, laboratories, or areas that require sterility, protection from moisture and dust, and high illumination, above all. To ensure right working atmosphere in the cleanroom, the right type of lighting fixtures should be installed. Not only the cleanroom should be well illuminated, but also maintain a comfort level for users. Thus, the cleanroom lighting plays an important role in maintaining the required controlled environment within the enclosed area.

Luminaries, for a cleanroom, should feature neat surface without any undercuts, slits and joints to ensure least possibility of trapping dust. Earlier fluorescent lamps used to be the all-time favorite lighting for cleanrooms, but recently, LED luminaries are replacing them due to their high efficiency, longer life-span and more for environmental reasons.

Ever since LEDs have arrived on the scene, the cleanroom lighting is also influenced by this phenomenon which now represents the ideal solution, providing amazingly efficient performance and maintenance-free operation for more than 50,000 hours. Thus, Cleanroom LED luminaries ensure extremely low operational cost over the total lifetime of the luminaire.

A good lighting plan helps a long way in the efficiency and integrity of a cleanroom. Such places need lighting solutions that are dust-free, maintenance-free, easy to clean, and provide the right illumination. Havells, the leading name in the world of consumer and industrial lighting, has a range of high-quality cleanroom luminaries which are highly efficient, low on maintenance and easy-to-clean. Explore the range of technologically advanced Bluetooth Dimmable Interface Module (BDIM) powered Clean Room Fixtures from Havells and experience the difference!

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