Havells Energy-efficient LEDs Lights
  • by Havells India
  • July 25, 2017
  • Lighting

Havells Energy-efficient LEDs to Light up North Delhi Streets

There’s no denying that dimly-lit streets and nights in the city are a cause of worry to everybody. If you’re a driver or a biker, it’s the next speed breaker or pothole you’re worried about. If you’re a pedestrian, the stones, gravel, and gaps worry you. And if you’re a woman, you’re just plain anxious about your safety and security. Rather than being accessible for public purposes, such spaces leave a scope for accidents as well as crimes like theft and violence. And that’s not about it. The cost of energy involved burns a massive hole in the government’s pocket, eventually benefiting nobody.

However, if communities and citizens need to be made to feel safe, a positive change in all earnestness is paramount. And, like always, Havells is proud to be the carrier of this transformation. Bagging the contract from the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) to convert over two lakh street and park lights in Delhi’s Rohini and Narela zones, with LED lights, Havells stands tall to be at the center of this gigantic shift.

Making A Difference by empowering the community and building a stronger and safer society has always been the core driving force behind Havells. Not only Havells believes in changing lives and enhancing lifestyles through commendable offerings and practices, but also counts itself as incredibly competent and adept at delivering results par excellence. It is, in fact, this competency to deliver the best electrical and lighting solutions that has won Havells the opportunity to produce the fixtures entirely in-house, thus, giving the flexibility to design and manufacture as per tailor-made specification and deliver to the market in the least amount of time. The same was, in fact, emphasised by North corporation commissioner PK Gupta when he said, “The manufacturer (Havells) especially designed the product to meet our specifications, which includes a minimum 7 years lifespan of light.”

Moreover, the design includes integrating a Centrally-Controlled Monitoring System (CCMS), which will enable remote-controlled and scheduled operations of the lights, as well as energy metering and fault analysis. Such smart lighting solutions and systems enable demand-driven lighting, lower electricity costs and lighting that is more efficient and better for the environment – all primary characteristics of a smart city. In fact, Havells takes pride in its manufacturing capacity to render over 3.5 lakh LED street lights a month and of providing an end-to-end solution, right from design to the installation, testing and commissioning of the project. Converting about 20,000 lights per week, Havells aims to complete the project in a short span of six months.

Havells’ most gratifying achievement, and the icing on the top, however, is being able to help the government save about Rs.50 crore of energy cost annually. Yes, the government, which spends about Rs. 125 crore annually on street lights, will be able to save about 64% of energy that will further be utilised for various other community-enhancement and betterment projects, paving way for the growth of a smart city.

We, at Havells, understand the importance of smarter, brighter and better area lights for the urban landscape and we are proud to be at the helm of this society-beneficial mission.

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