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  • October 11, 2018
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Havells Shines Bright on Day 1 at Light India

One of India’s largest lighting event ‘Light India’ begins today at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. The 3-day event showcases top innovations and the future of lighting technology. It is often believed that the progress of a city is measured by how well it is lit at night. India has been growing rapidly as its economy is put on a pedestal. With economic advancement comes better illumination of the skyline, streets, and indoor spaces.

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Along with better and bright lighting comes the demand for more energy, and this energy comes from burning natural resources that are limited in supply and cause environmental damage. These factors have pushed the lighting industry to innovate and come up with solutions that are highly efficient, environmental-friendly, and produce excellent bright light.

Lighting is an important focus area for Havells and it is in the business of transforming the lighting landscape of India with its innovative and advanced products. To showcase its capabilities in this segment, especially professional lighting, Havells has set up a ‘Smart Campus’ booth at ‘Light India’. You can come and visit us to get a closer look at how we are making an impact in the new India with our intelligent lighting technologies.

light-india-2018-4We have set up an interactive ‘Command Centre’ to provide demonstration of our professional connected lighting range. We are also launching the latest entrant ‘Impressions’ range of architectural indoor lighting fixtures. We are also displaying consumer and solar-based lighting solutions. The existing and future smart cities of India will need transformative lighting technologies and we are here to give a glimpse of what to expect at Light India. Here are some of the key categories you can look forward to at the event.

Office Lighting

Global corporate powerhouses are coming and setting up offices in India, and are part of the nation’s success story. New start-ups are also cropping up and existing companies (big and small) are upgrading their office spaces. As we experience a boom in economic growth, the demand for better lighting has also increased. Havells is able to offer a wide range of office lighting products from linear lighting, panel lights, downlighters, battens to lamps that are designed to provide the perfect work lighting for higher productivity and lower energy bills.

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Street Lighting

Havells has a rich experience in completing some of the largest smart street lighting projects in India. It has the technology and experience to provide holistic smart lighting solutions that includes radio-powered network gateways, connectivity infrastructure, dedicated cloud server, all on Havells smart city platform for a completely connected intelligent network of street lights.


RGB Architectural Range

Our RGB Architectural range of professional lighting help transform architectures into iconic landmarks. Lighting around an iconic structure is about how the magnificence of its architecture is set to be seen and admired. Our RGB Architectural range provide colorful façade and sensitive light levels that are highly efficient and durable under varied weather conditions.


Clean Room Luminaire

Havells offers clean room lighting solutions that are manufactured to be maintenance-free, offer long-lasting life, durability, and highly efficient, which are prerequisites for clean room applications such as hospitals and labs.

Other Lighting Solutions

As we try to minimize our carbon footprint in every possible way, Solar-based lighting solutions is a great way to supplement fossil fuel-based energy, to light up our homes and office spaces. Havells believes in technologies that conserve the environment and at the same time elevates the quality of our life with the right illumination. Its Solar-based lighting solution is perfect for those who are looking to future-proof their lighting requirements for outdoor and indoor areas.

The future of smart lighting begins with Havells. Come and experience our intelligent lighting solutions at ‘Light India’.

Havells is one of the leading fast-moving electrical goods company with global a global presence. It has over 17 product categories manufactured in 12 state-of-the-art manufacturing units spread across 6 different locations in India. It has over 6000 employees and has an extensive distribution capability with of over 8000 dealer network and over 500 Galaxy stores.

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