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  • July 30, 2019
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Human Centric Lighting – Work in Harmony with Your Natural Rhythm

The modern day workforce spends around 8-12 hours at work each day! Thanks to the rising competition, because of which employees often work till late hours at night to make meaningful contributions. Apart from this, the ambience of the workspace also plays an important role in shaping their lifestyle. These factors often disrupt their natural system, resulting in health and behavioural issues, and declined productivity.

Clocking in long hours at work is clearly not enough. One needs to work smarter to generate better results. Designing workspaces to foster employee wellbeing and boost efficiency is imperative today. The one aspect of design that can make a huge difference here is lighting. It is a proven fact that natural light promotes good health and improves performance at work. Havells India has come up with Architectural Lighting solutions that are embedded with human centric technology to help create work environment that is line with natural light.

Scientific studies have proven that natural light controls various biological responses, like our sleep-wake cycle. The variations in the colour and intensity of daylight controls our circadian cycle that supplement our physical and mental health. Lights of high frequency and intensity promote alertness and activity, while lights of lower intensity signal our minds to prepare for rest.

WELL and LEED, initiatives to ensure the health and wellbeing of people and efficiency of systems, have driven lighting designers to innovate and come up with solutions that are in sync with daylight to create a comfortable work environment. These norms not only speak of energy efficiency, but take a preventive approach through design that encourages access to a natural environment that the workforce is deprived of today.

Harnessing the real time colour and intensity level changing ability of LEDs, Havells offers you lighting solutions that sync in with your circadian rhythm to promote wellness at work. These Architectural Lights, promoted under their Impressions Range, come with human-centric technology. These lights follow the cycle of natural light that controls their circadian rhythm. Light fixtures are integrated with daylight and are designed to mimic the patterns of sunlight with the help of tunable technology and automatic adjustment of intensity. The light reflects patterns of sunlight throughout the day and reduces the brightness as the sun goes down. As the light harmonises with the body’s circadian rhythm, it benefits in the form of improved health, mood, and alertness, reduced hyperactivity, leading to enhanced productivity.

In addition to that, these lighting solutions come in various forms like suspended or free-standing to offer you flexibility in design and add to its functionality aspect. With Havells smart and human-centric lighting, one has a holistic solution to combat factors causing an organisation’s productivity graph to fall. When illumination systems sync in with nature, it fosters good health and an upward productivity and growth graph.

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