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  • July 25, 2019
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Windowless Workspaces: Light it Right with Impressions Range

Imagine an office desk by the window where the sunlight fills the space with the required brightness as you work. The serene views of the skyline and the greenery add to the effectiveness of your work! Sounds perfect?

People who love window desks would agree to have churned out some of the best work as the sun fills the space with light. After all natural light has been proven to improve productivity. According to a study conducted by Prof. Alan Hedge at Cornell University, workers in day lit spaces reported 84% decrease in issues like eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision which affects productivity.

While most businesses are understanding this and welcoming daylight through their architecture, what about those offices that are windowless? For those office spaces that lack natural light, there are innovative lighting solutions like Havells Impressions Range. A comprehensive lighting solution with options that complement your office interiors and create an ambience that spells increased productivity, Havells Impressions Range makes for the perfect choice.

Prioritises Comfort

Lighting up a windowless space does not mean installing lights to simply brighten the space. This can cause glare, which can irritate the eyes, affect vision, cause headaches, thus hampering efficiency. Havells Architectural Lighting under Impressions Range comes with Unified Glare Rating levels of as low as <6, meeting LEED 4 and WELL requirements. Fixtures like Crescent LED and Mirage PW LED come with Polycarbonate diffuser and special micro reflector optics for reducing glare and lighting up the space uniformly.

Brings in Benefits of Daylight

It is no secret that natural light regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Lights of high frequency and brightness promote alertness and activity, while lights of low frequency and intensity signal our mind to prepare for rest. The absence of daylight can interfere with this natural rhythm causing health issues and decrease in productivity. Havells Architectural Lighting solutions come with automated shading and dimming controls to ensure your natural rhythm is not disrupted. Thus promoting wellbeing and enhancing productivity.

Perfectly Blends Functionality with Aesthetics

According to a study conducted by Leesman, world’s largest independent assessor of workplace effectiveness suggests that 85.1% of employees worldwide state that the design of workplace matters to them. This makes workspace design an important aspect that contributes to overall productivity. The right kind of lighting can make or break the ambience of a workspace. And, choosing lights that blend the aspects of functionality and aesthetics becomes all the more important for windowless offices. Impressions Range by Havells offers an array of ambient and task lighting options that encourage creative freedom and also facilitates a comfortable work environment. Choose from the highly efficient Mirage F LED to Torus LED or Mondo to create an attractive and comfortable environment and entice talent.

Designing a windowless workspace to attract and retain talent could be challenging but is possible with futuristic lighting solutions like the Havells Impressions Range. They allow you to not only cater to people but also the environment. Thanks to their energy efficient nature as it lights up at low temperatures, does not contain mercury and does not give out harmful UV and IR radiations. Now, with Havells Impressions Range, let windowless workspaces shine as it lights up efficiency holistically.

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