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  • February 3, 2021
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Make roads safe for pedestrians with Crossway, the Smart Lighting Solutions

Lighting solutions play an essential role in the appearance and feel of any city. From making it look beautiful to contributing towards safety and convenience, illumination is a core when designing a metropolis. But, if you view this system from the point of view of vehicles and walkers, it is mostly observed that the urban areas set up the arrangement for the former category. In fact, the only space given to pedestrians is narrow to sometimes non-existent pavements that have a pre-set brightness level.

This is true, especially in India, where despite installing 1.03 crore smart LED streetlights as on January 2020 by the Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP), the brightness is still not enough for foot-travellers. Furthermore, the problem persists even when traversing the road as the traffic lights offer insufficient time to cross between the change. The faded zebra crossing strips and obstruction of it by vehicles is another issue that makes it so difficult for walkers to move from one point to another.

According to the data shared by the ministry of road transport and highways, in 2019, 25,858 pedestrians and 56,136 people riding two-wheelers lost their lives. The number for last year went down considerably, but that was because of the lockdown and no other reason. Though the vehicle owners blame the pedestrians for not following the rule, being distracted on the phone or listening to music or jaywalking the other side’s story is different. The pedestrians blame dazed and intoxicated driving, speeding, low visibility, and no special lighting zones for such accidents.

Regardless of the reason, the sad truth remains that lives are lost in both cases. Thus, Havells, a leading electrical equipment company, has a solution called Crossway, a new generation energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, versatile pressure die-cast aluminum IP66 roadway luminaire. It has a dedicated optics for zebra crossings that guarantees higher brightness for pedestrians adhering to norms of National Lighting Code: 2010, no harmful UV & IR radiations, is durable and photo biological safe LED.

The luminary also has an advanced optics that avoids undesired glare to the drivers and achieves a positive contrast of pedestrian lighting. Offered with unique Amber Color option along with standard warm white and cool white CCTs, it helps in creating color contrast which ensures a continuous increase of driver’s attention throughout the night to create safe passage thru zebra crossings.

 Crossway, with its pressure die-cast aluminium alloy, has effective thermal management and is also corrosion-resistant. Designed for illuminating the zebra crossings, it can be installed near access zone to crossings, from side entry by using superior asymmetric optics, pole mounting with bracket arm OD 40mm-60mm with a recommended mounting height with suitable in-ground reinforcement of 6-8 meter. It can also be operated in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to + 50 °C.

So, for pedestrian’s safety and wellbeing, opt for Havells’ Crossway as it is an apt solution for pedestrians. Wait no more and buy the lighting system that assures safety now.


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