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  • March 16, 2021
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3 areas where Connected lighting is essential for a smart and sustainable workplace

Let’s state a fact. It has been a year since coronavirus hit the world and changed the way people worked. The buzzing office spaces emptied abruptly and then began the culture of work from home. But 2021 is looking to be different. With vaccine available and cases dropping, firms are once again gearing up to get their employees back on their premises.

To make the shift as smooth as possible, companies are taking various steps. One such move that will certainly help them optimize operations and develop a more comfortable work environment without significant renovation is through connected lightinga system of light fixtures with embedded sensors attached to a primary network through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now, let’s tell you some of its advantages for business across domains. The solution provides unparalleled control and gives insight by collecting valuable data such as the use of lighting, occupancy tracking, measuring temperature, humidity levels. Furthermore, it also helps in finding out the consumption of energy by rendering information on the precise requirement of the lighting in a building. This information enables real-time adjustments that improve efficiency, comfort and safety.

Thus, let’s look at 3 areas where connected lighting can play a critical role when planning a smart and sustainable workplace-

  1. Save Money

Implementing connected lighting can help businesses save more, mainly if they use LED lights, as it has an energy efficiency of 80-90%. Also, features like scheduling, i.e. having a pre-defined time for switching the light on and off, and that too of a specific area or the entire building can considerably lower the electricity bills. This can also be used for daylight harvesting by taking advantage of natural sunlight in the interiors rather than using only artificial sources of illumination.

  1. Obtain Insights and Analysis

Shifting to a connected lighting system can help companies add value by collecting data that can tell them about the usage trend of electricity in the building throughout the day. They can also get a detailed report on the areas of unnecessary consumption, as well as the spaces that require more brightness. All this will help make real-time adjustments and give employees customizable light levels that will drive efficiency and improve performance and security.

  1. Improve Health and Well-Being

Not many people realize how lighting influences our day-to-day functioning. It alters the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock; negatively alters mood, i.e. leads to problems like eye fatigue, headaches, body fatigue, stress and anxiety and even affects productivity.

Hence, by installing connected lighting, companies can deliver an optimal mix of natural and artificial light by providing the correct tuning of the intensity and hues of the lamps’. This will thus improve the overall health and well-being of their people.

Though Connected lighting may seem like an expensive option but once installed, it will not only help firms cover this expenditure but will also contribute towards higher productivity and a delightful environment in the office. So, visit Havells and experience a wide range of lighting products that will take you towards the journey of happy staff, saving cost, and promoting a green environment.


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