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  • February 6, 2019
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Points to Remember Before Installing LED Lights

LED lights have swayed everyone with their low-costs, energy efficiency and amazing brightness. Of course, throughout the world, people are switching from the erstwhile incandescent lamps to LED bulbs for all the good reasons. However, when it comes to LED strip lights, people are hesitant to try and generally correlate them with discotheques, pubs and hotels. But actually, LED strip lights are quite versatile and can be used almost anywhere and everywhere. Their application could be as vast as your creative imagination. So, if you’ve made your mind to try out these efficient and environment-friendly lights, you must consider a few points before installing LED strip lights.


Knowing the exact size of required LED strip light is the most important part of the process before its installation. You must be sure about the size you require and for that, you need to measure the desired application space carefully. While considering the length and width of the space that you need to fill, you should also see whether you would be requiring any plastic or aluminium profile covers for the housing or not.


Since you are well aware about the color scheme of your space, you could better make out which coloured lights would go with your room to get the desired effect. If your room is already bright with bold colors, then choosing a soft color in strip light would complement it better. On the contrary, a room with modest colors will get enhanced with some bright colors of LED strip light. LED strip lights are generally available in two types, wherein one comes in a single color and the advanced one have the flexibility of changing colors. The color changing LED strip lights are called RGB (Red, Green & Blue); these lights usually come with remote controls so that you can easily change the strength, color as well as the frequency of the lights.


It’s absolutely necessary that you install LED strip lights onto a clean and dry surface. Or else, they will drop from the uneven or dusty surface given their adhesive backing will lose its grip. If you plan to install strip lights outdoors, you must get them with correct IP rating which is just a way of categorizing what lights are safe to use and the applications where they can be used. Like, for outdoors or place where water is present, it is recommended to use IP65 or IP67 rated lights so that they perform safely and effectively irrespective of the weather.

Power Supply & Number of LEDs

Once you’ve decided on the color, size and location, now you need to calculate the number of LEDs on the strip and the power supply that you’ll require to run them. The number of LEDs per metre will have a direct effect on the brightness and light pattern emitted from the strip. On an average, a strip light has up to 30 LEDs on one strip, yet it can go up to 60 and even 120. Most of the strip lights come with cut marks, usually 3 LEDs apart, to give you the flexibility of using them the way you want.

To keep all the LEDs illuminated, you need to energize the strip lights with a reliable power supply. For example, a 12V strip light will need a 12V DC constant-voltage power supply. In case you’re installing 5 LED strips of 4W, then you need a power supply of 20W.

What Kind of Lighting Affect You Want To Create?

Once installed, the result may not be exactly the same what you’ve imagined. So, you should be clear about the positioning of the strip lights and whether you’re using them for task, ambient or accent lighting. Like, if you want to focus on a particular area, you must consider task lighting. Accent lighting is for highlighting areas, objects or features, and is often associated with LED strip lights. Ambient Lighting or general lighting refers to the overall light to a room. According to the requirement, you must decipher the way in which you want to use LED strip lights to create the desired look.

As you’ve gone through the points that you must remember before installing LED lights, it is important to invest in a high-quality LED strip light like that of Havells. Being a prominent brand, you can rely on the excellence as well as eminence that its products bring along. Havells smart range of LED strip lights includes Flexion LED RGB Strip, Flexion LED USB TV RGB strip and Flexion Cabinet Sensor Strip. To brighten up your space, these strips are loaded with high-brightness RGB LED chips and can be used for a vast range of applications. So, jog your mind a little and think of places where you can use these LED strip lights in an interesting manner. Install them and be ready to appreciate your newly found creative space. To know more about the complete range of LED strip lights , please visit the Havells website or click here.

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