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  • June 12, 2020
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Simply explained: Ultraviolet (UV) light as an effective disinfectant

The year 2020 can unquestionably be termed as the year of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that swept not only its city of origin, i.e. Wuhan–the capital of the Hubei province in China, but the entire world. The virus that till the beginning of the year was unheard-of has today affected over 7.04 million lives worldwide.

With no vaccine or drug for an antidote, people are unlearning the old ways of life and following the ‘new normal’ of wearing masks and gloves, and social distancing, i.e. keeping a distance of 6 feet from one another. Further, ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, most people have become more particular about maintaining cleanliness in and around their house and also disinfecting every article that enters inside its premises.

This uncertain and worrying scenario has led to many companies developing tools and machines using powerful disinfectants, explicitly using the ultraviolet (UV) light which for years has been used in hospitals and other health care services for sanitization purpose. The powerful UV light kills or deactivates bacteria and viruses by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

These UV lights are available in three wavelengths- UV-A (320 to 400 nm), UV-B (280 to 320 nm) and UV-C rays (200 to 280 nm) and apart from the sun, which is the most effective, not all are impactful for sterilization. So, the question now arises, which of these should be considered mainly for deadly viruses like the COVID-19?

The answer, the wavelength between the range of 260 nm to 275 nm, i.e. Ultraviolet C lights (UVC) is most appropriate as it has the optimum wavelength and energy to kill bacteria and virus. It is also better than any chemical disinfectants as it leaves no residues on the objects, is maintenance-free, and is cost-effective.

With the cases of this pandemic only increasing, and COVID-19 looking to stay in India and several parts of the world, it is essential to prioritize buying disinfecting products and maintaining proper hygiene level. For this purpose, many companies will soon be launching a pre-tested product line that will include wands, sanitization enclosures, remote-controlled robots, etc. useful for both businesses and residential use.

So, though this was the Chinese year of the Rat, but undeniably it is being ruled by the Bat. However, by being cautious, ensuring hygiene and investing in the right Ultraviolet C light products, hopefully, the rest of the year will bring back prosperity in 2020.

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