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  • December 26, 2019
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Add a Touch of Eclectic Pop to your Home!

Having a perfectly designed home with an updated and modified interior is every person’s dream. Whether it’s the furniture or lighting, each one of them plays a crucial role in maintaining the ambiance of the place. Most of the people however overlook the importance of lights because all they care about is having a flawless woollen rug, a beautiful cabinetry and wall coverings.

Well, people should know that without a perfect lighting arrangement, all they’ve got is one dull looking house, because come on, who is going to appreciate the interiors if one isn’t able to see the place clearly? A perfect lighting can do wonders by not only embellishing the interiors but also creating a mood for a person to live in. In fact, bright and colourful lights have the intensity to pep up even the most boring places.

So, get ready and walk into the new year with an amazing aura of Ectectic Pop lights surrounding you. If you want to keep it minimal without being loud and gaudy, then accentuate your interiors by simply adding this contemporary range of home art lighting by Havells. As the name suggests, the Eclectic Pop is the thoughtful selection of lights which decipher the abstract, minimalistic designs with a modern appeal.

The Eclectic Pop by Havells essentially has colourful pendant lights in various shapes and designs. Pendant light is absolutely one of the finest creations among different types of lighting. Whilst hanging with a chain or a rod, the light replicates a drop that apparently adds an aesthetic appeal to the scenery. It can either be used alone or with the group, depending upon the need and the requirement of the space you are deciding it to hang in. Pendant lights are although believed to be used in the living areas alone, contradicting which we are presenting you a whole range of lights that can be used almost anywhere. Get ready to have a quick sneak-peak among our most adorable collection of lights.

Unveiling the collection, the Penelope Pendant in Chrome is an exquisitely designed pendant light which features a remarkable chrome finish to assure a stunning charm in your home. The light is structured in such a way that you can easily adjust its length according to the height of the space you want to brighten up. Also, not to miss the fact that this light, which is available in two different sizes, by the way, can be used in both the living and the bedroom areas.

Coming onto another one, the Penelope Pendant in Red/Grey is strikingly different due to its colour and spherical shape. Well, not just that, the light features some specially created cuts on metal that results into forming an enchanting unique pattern with illumination. It is available in two colours, red and grey, and certainly recommended to be used with energy saving lamps, because that’s how you are going to be able to show it and not regret. Go on, hang it on any of your living or bedroom ceilings, and admire the grandeur.

Adding into the list, the Fusion Pendant highlights an accurately pierced dome structure that certainly personifies a cool, unique pattern, when lighted. While being adjustable with height, yet again, the light is available in three different colours namely red, cream and grey. So, select whichever the one you want and brighten up your interiors. Among all of the different shapes in pendant lights, conical light has its own unique quirkiness and aura. While being one beautiful classic piece, the Fusion Pendant light in conical shape brings a quick charm in the place. Moreover, the colours available in this type are masterpiece in their own way, black and white.

In concise terms, the homes today are a blend of comfort and style. Even if you have kept it simple, you can easily add zest by adding the right lighting. The Eclectic Pop by Havells gives you an edge over others by infusing the right proportion of colours, style and of course, illumination through its lights. Select the best piece for the remodelling project of your home. Make it classy, make it beautiful! To know more about the features and lighting possibilities, click here.

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    Very Nice product . Design and looks are attractive

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