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  • July 1, 2019
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Stay ahead of the design curve with NU Bulb+

Today, the lighting world has evolved in a way that it is no different than a restaurant offering different cuisines for you to choose from. LED has definitely risen to be the preferred choice of lighting in the recent times. With multiple options available among LED lights itself, choosing the best for your home could be a tedious task. Like you pick a quality dish that suits your taste buds from a variety of dishes, your home also needs a lighting system that enhances its aesthetics without compromising on its design and your personal taste.


A well-lit home needs a lighting system that leaves no space unattended. Often, the corners are given the least attention to and hence appear dark. Now, you can introduce light in every corner of your room in a wider fashion as NU Bulb+ spreads light 14% wider as compared to its twin NU Bulb. The curved design distributes light evenly across your entire space and adds to your home’s uniqueness quotient as well.


When it is about your home, you get to make the choice. Considering that this fact should remain intact even when it comes to lighting, NU Bulb+ comes with an opportunity to customize your light orientation. With a 340-degree rotation, these bulbs are a convenient and flexible choice for lighting your home.


You need a lighting system so perfect that your home is not subjected to constant replacement of lighting devices. Introduce your home to NU Bulb+ that has a life of 25000 hours, keeping you away from worries about frequently replacing your lighting system. Also, during this duration, maintenance does not pose as an issue because of its high-performance electronic driver.


Safety should not be overlooked while lighting up your home. To protect your home and your lights from electrical damage, NU Bulb+ comes with inbuilt surge protection of 3 KV. Installing them helps you to keep a safe distance from voltage spikes.


Keeping in mind the damage done to the environment in the wake of technological advancement, NU Bulb+ is specially designed to be eco-friendly. When bulbs consisting mercury break, air inside your home can be contaminated with emission of mercury, putting your health at risk. As NU Bulb+ does not contain mercury, it is a safer option for your family as well as the environment.

Widen the horizon of lighting in your abode and view it in a new light! Power up your lighting game in your residence and set it up for a bright future with a wide range of options of Havells NU Bulb+, available in 9W and 12W. With lumen efficiency of 105 Lumen/Watt for 9W (945 Lumens) and 100 Lumen/Watt for 12W (1200 Lumens), choose the right amount of brightness that suits your needs. Take a step ahead with Havells and design your home with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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