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  • July 4, 2019
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Shed Some Light in Dark Corners with NU Bulb +

‘Your life is a blank canvas, make sure you paint each day with vibrant shades.’

You must have been told this several times. While you try your best to make your life bright and colourful, the great canvas of your life may display days that are coloured in black. The times when you are dull or demotivated are days when the corners of your home and heart get filled with darkness.

However, a single beam of light during such phases can bring back hopes and take you back to colours. All you need to do is to turn on the light! Havells LED lights are designed to fill your home and life with brightness. Out of the several innovative options, NU Bulb + is one such unique creation that fills every corner of your home with light. Thanks to its distinctive features! NU Bulb + is that inspiration, friend in need, or your inner voice that acts as a ray of hope. Here are some of the features that make this LED light a perfect choice for your home:

Spreading light across the space

NU Bulb + has a sleek and curve light emitting surface, which not only makes it look aesthetically appealing but also provides you with improved light distribution. Unlike its twin, NU Bulb + also has a wide beam angle that offers 14% better light spread. The design combined with the beam angle, floods every corner of your space with enough light to say goodbye to darkness. If you need to shed some light on your thoughts, switch on your NU Bulb + and see the light cast away the darkness surrounding you.

Adjust the light to your needs

While letting you enjoy a wide spread of light, NU Bulb + also allows you to adjust the light as per your needs. Want to highlight a painting that inspires you or wish the light to fall on a thrilling piece of literature that you’re reading? All you need to do is harness the power of the 340 degree rotary mechanism of your NU Bulb +. This bulb allows you to throw light on any object or part of your space to put an end to darkness and offer clarity. NU Bulb + is your partner to help you lighten up your favourite spots and carry out tasks to perfection. Install it in the kitchen, near the dining area, or over your study table and bring smoothness to the processes.

Enjoy the efficiency of the light

Being an LED light, NU Bulb + is undoubtedly energy efficient while it packs the place with enough brightness to fulfill  your needs for hours at end. This is because, apart from the high lumen efficiency, this bulb also has a life of 25000 burning hours. It helps you do your part for the environment and also reap the benefits of a warm environment as the light engulfs the darkness. With NU Bulb + eliminate the darkness and enliven the space.

As they say, ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can.’ This product with its noteworthy features is a great option to add to the décor of your home and serve the purpose of eradicating the darkness and letting your space shine.

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