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  • November 23, 2020
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The Journey of Havells Home Lighting from Traditional to Modern

Lighting has evolved ever since there has been life on planet Earth. It started from the sparking of rocks to discover fire to oil lamps, candles, torches, and finally, the era of electricity and thus, lights. The illumination industry from there on has witnessed continuous and rapid growth. When launched, in Medieval times, the light bulb had enormous novelty value and was even available in an ample variety of shapes and patterns. Apart from the purpose of providing brightness, it was also used to recreate the mood and atmosphere.

The advent of reliable, energy-efficient lighting in the home and businesses has since evolved and continues to play a significant part in modern living. However, the story of lighting started with the classic incandescent tungsten filament bulb enclosed in a glass bulb with electric light and a wire filament that heated until it glowed. This was replaced by compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, that used around one-fifth to one-third the electric power, and lasted 8-15 times longer than the incandescent bulb. It also conserved more energy than its earlier counterpart. But CFL had its share of problems like low light output, bulky look and not fitting well into fixtures and was thus slowly phased out. From there on came in the light-emitting diodes popularly known as the LEDs. The LED lights became the perfect solution for the lighting industry as it consumed less energy, provided brighter light, and lasted longer when compared to any of its predecessors. Today, we use these lights in both home lighting fixtures as well as industrial sectors such as commercial buildings, traffic lights, automotive industries, etc.

The shift from the traditional home lighting fixtures with mainly white and yellow bulbs to today’s aesthetically superior designs with LED lights not only helped reduce electricity consumption but also uplifted the decor of every room in the house to give it a brighter and decorative feel.

One company that made the transition easier for people by continually providing them with products that were functionally viable as well as achieved the perfect balance between beauty and practicality is HavellsSome state-of-the-art products of the company consist of LED spotlights, strip lighting, lamps and the wide range of Home Art Lights that include chandeliers, wall lights, pendant lights, etc.

The tastefully designed range targeted to meet the requirements and technical preferences of consumers who desired elegance and innovative solutions. Available in four themes- Grandeur, Quint Essence, Enchanting Jewels, and Eclectic Pop, this series is about establishing the emotional aspect of a home and giving it an additional dimension of style and balance. Ideal for areas like the lobby, kitchen, bathrooms, living room, and the outdoors, the Home Art light fixtures include shapes like conical, Florette, and dome and pendant shaped wall lights and chandeliers.

Hence, to achieve an equilibrium of magnificence, warm ambience, wellbeing, and utility, Havells is a one-stop-shop for anything to do with home lighting. It has a wide range of options for both classic and contemporary homes to give each residence the personality of its owner.


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