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  • November 10, 2020
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5 ways the next-gen businesses can benefit from smart lighting

Businesses are ever-transforming to adopt an approach that caters to achieving efficiency, savings, sustainability along with profitability. To accomplish the same, there is one area that many corporations have over the years been working upon, and it is the use of smart lighting technology.

Compared to traditional lighting, this illumination system, also known as automated lighting, is an advanced method of gaining complete control of the electricity, both consumption and usage. Along with that, it enables the cutting of costs while delivering guaranteed long-term advantages to companies.

Here are 5 benefits of smart lighting for next-gen businesses:

  1. Lower energy usage 

Smart lighting can help companies save a lot in energy usage, particularly when using LED lights. The option of controlling the brightness of lights remotely or automatically according to daylight harvesting can translate to significant saving options. Moreover, its functionality of scheduling, i.e. specifying a turn on or off at a specific time of all or defined lights can lead to energy savings as well as lower electricity bills. For instance, in a retail store, scheduling can ensure smooth and seamless radiation of pattern of brightness without manually relying on someone to do it.

  1. Security

The motion sensor feature of intelligent lighting that detects human presence in premises provides additional security to offices. As the lights automatically switch on when it identifies any movement or anomalies, it can now serve as a visual alarm.

These luminaries are additionally useful in accident-prone areas like warehouses as it ensures that the space is well-lit when people are present in the room and subsequently saves cost by automatically switching off the power when no one is in the range.

  1. Flexibility

Smart lighting provides flexibility to suit any workspace. For instance, home office, MNCs, hospitals, hotels, all can now use intelligent lighting for better clarity and productivity. Furthermore, features like changing the decor and appearance of children’s ward in case of hospitals or conference rooms, help to shape the mood of patients and employees alike and boost productivity.

  1. Longer life span

As smart lighting allows the option of luminous intensity, it can increase the lifespan of each lamp by nearly 20 times; thus, helping offices save up to 60 per cent on energy consumption.

  1. Eco-friendly

Commercial buildings opt for LEDs because of its benefits of requiring nearly 90% less power consumption while providing more brightness. LEDs are eco-friendly as it consumes less energy which in turn reduces greenhouse emission, thus, leading to sustainability.

Hence, smart LED lighting from leading manufacturers like Havells can help benefit the next-gen business in not only saving costs but also increasing the productivity of its employees, operation optimization, and reducing cost.


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