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  • March 28, 2018
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All the Beard Terminologies you need to know

There was a time when a clean-shaven look was ruling the ramp. And every other guy used to carry that chocolate boy image with neatly parted hair and no trace of facial hair. However, the tables turned upside down when the rustic look started trending. And now it has become a rage; you can spot every other man with a beard. The partial credit of this trend can be given to Bollywood as well, where many actors started sporting the beard with utmost ease and were tagged “cool.” In short, a beard has become the most on-trend accessory you can put on this season.

More often than not, we hardly know the terms which are used in the bearded world and that’s why could not talk confidently about the much sought-after fashion. So, to boost your confidence, we have compiled the basic jargon related to the beard. Check out the interesting beard terminology.

Beard – Certainly, it is the secondary sex characteristic of males. A beard, in literal terms, implies facial hair that grows on the cheeks, chin, neck, and around the lips.

Cheek Line – A cheek line is actually the upper limit of the beard on the cheek. If you wish to define the lines of your beard, you must pay close attention to your cheek line to maintain a sharp and neat look.

Configuration – The configuration of a beard refers to the area where beard hair grows. You can change your beard configuration by trimming or shaving. Or else, you can also leave it in its natural state.

Density – In technical terms, density refers to the number of hair per square centimeter. If a beard has a higher density, it is considered as a thick beard.

Facial Hair – It is an extensive term for all hair that grows on the face, including beards, moustaches, sideburns, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Five o’ Clock Shadow – It refers to the slight growth of hair on a man’s face in the afternoon once he has shaved in the morning.

Front – As the term suggests, it refers to the hair that grows on the front of the beard including everything below the lower lip down to the chin.

Full Beard – It is a particular style of beard which is achieved by growing all beard components, including moustache, sideburns, front, sides and the neck line. Given that facial hair is present in each area, it will be called a full beard irrespective of how the beard is kept. You can trim or groom a full beard the way you want.

Goatee – A goatee is a style of facial hair achieved by growing hair only on front of, and sometimes below, the chin.

Moustache – Mustache, or moustache, refers to the facial hair that grows above the upper lip.

Neck Line – A neck line is the lower limit of the beard along the neck. According to one’s preferences, the neck line can be defined by trimming or shaving, or let it be defined naturally.

Pigment – Pigment refers to the color, or colors, observable in the beard.

Side – As the term suggests, a side refers to the part of beard that grows on the cheeks.

Sideburns – It refers to the facial hair that grows in front of the ears and connects the beard to the hair on the scalp.

Stubble – It refers to the short, stiff hair that grows on a man’s face when he has not shaved for a while.

Terminal Hair – It is a type of facial hair that is darker and coarser. With age, men’s facial hair thickens and darkens to replace the soft vellus hair. Terminal hair, certainly, is stronger than vellus, and allows your beard to grow longer and thicker.

Texture – Texture, in terms of beard, refers to curly, straight, coarse or soft hair.

Terminal beard – Also called a permanent beard or a grandfather beard, a Terminal beard refers to the beard that has reached its longest point and stopped growing further due to split ends or falling out of hair.

Tweard – It refers to a beard that exceeds two year’s growth. Growing your facial hair for two years will result in a tweard.

Vellus – It is a type of facial hair that is lighter and softer. Vellus is actually the first facial hair that grows during adolescence. Many men retain some of such hair throughout their bearded life.

Yeard – The term yeard is derived from the combination of “year and beard.” A yeard is actually a beard that exceeds a year’s growth.

Now that you have got precise knowledge of “beard” terms, you can use these words without any hitch. Havells offers an amazing range of electric shavers and trimmers for men. So, whether you want to sport a full beard, well-defined stubble, or a clean-shaven look, you can employ these gadgets to get the desired results.

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