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  • August 24, 2018
  • Personal Grooming

Do You Think Hair Dryer is Just for Blow Drying Your Hair? Think Again!

Most of us consider a hair dryer as a personal grooming appliance. Of course, it is. It can actually do wonders to make your hair look great. But this small tool can also do a number of tasks which you have never thought of. Yes, it can be valuable in completing so many everyday jobs. So, let’s check out what else you can do with a hair dryer besides styling your hair.

Stretch Your New Pair of Shoes – You’ve just bought a new pair of shoes, and they are quite tight. Now what you can do is, put the shoes on with a pair of thick socks, and blow warm hair onto the heel area of the shoes for a minute or two. The heat will stretch out the leather, and there, you are good to go!

Dry Your Essentials before Packing – So, you’re going on a holiday and your toothbrush is still wet. Worry not! Use your hair dryer to dry your toothbrush, and even loofah, sponge, etc, before stuffing them in your bag.

Use it Against Diaper Rash – Mommies can relate to this! Babies who are prone to diaper rash are difficult to handle. But you can use a hair dryer – on the cool setting – to get the baby completely dry before putting on a diaper.

Blow Dry Your Pet – Once your pet is done with its bath or playtime in water or snow, you can dry it using a hair dryer on a low setting. But make sure to keep adequate distance from your pet.

Go Easy on Dusting – All of us hate dusting, yet there is no escape. And more annoying are those tricky shelves, corners, lampshades, chandeliers, artificial plants, intricate wood work and even keyboards. You can use a gentle cool setting to help blow away dust and debris from such things. Though make sure to vacuum dust off the floor afterwards.

Warm Up the Food – Yes, this comes as a real life-saver. At times, you have leftover food in the hotel room but its all cold. You can actually use a hair dryer to warm up the food in absence of a microwave.

Get the Wax Off Carpets & Furniture – Whether the candle wax is spilled over a carpet or over the furniture, you can use a hair dryer to melt the wax off. Simply heat the wax using a hair dryer, and then wipe off with a damp cloth.

Warm Up Chilly Sheets and Socks – When it’s too cold, you can exploit a hair dryer to warm up chilly sheets before you get in bed. Likewise, you can warm up your socks using a dryer and put on the pair to feel the warmth.

Remove Label Stickers and Bandages – This comes handy for most of us. Use your hair dryer to remove labels from bottles, pans and such other things, contact paper from drawers and shelves, bumper stickers from cars, and even band-aids by just blowing hot air over the sticker. This way, the label adhesive gets soften and easily unstuck.

Unwrinkle Plastic Tablecloths & Shower Curtains – You can easily get wrinkles out of plastic tablecloths and shower curtains by giving them a hot air bath using your hair dryer. However, make sure that your dryer is at least 12 inches away from your plastic tablecloth or curtains.

Dry a Pair of Tights – When you’re in hurry and your favorite pair of tights of still wet, all you need to is dry them using your hair dryer. It will dry up in seconds and you’re ready to set out.

De-Fog the Bathroom Mirror – You’re done with a hot water shower. And when you try to peek into the mirror, it’s all steamed up. Don’t panic and simply aim your hair dryer on the mirror. In seconds, it will de-fog your mirror and you can see your reflection again.

Defrost Frozen Veggies – If you don’t have microwave or you don’t use it for some reasons, you can use your hair dryer to quickly defrost frozen veggies. Likewise, if your ice cream is too frozen, you can easily warm it up with a hair dryer so that you can easily scoop in.

Remove Water Marks from Furniture – All of us face this, when we leave a cup or glass on that wooden table. But you can easily remove those water rings by pointing your dryer at them for few seconds. Continue blowing warm air until the mark gets vanished.

Remove Crayon Marks from Walls – Obviously, children do that! Seeing that crayons are made of wax, heating the marks and wiping them off makes sense. You can easily do this using a hair dryer.

Curl Your Lashes – Want to curl your lashes real good? Then, blast your eyelash curler with a warm air for a few seconds before curling your lashes. However, make sure to test the hot curler on your hand first before using it on your eyelids.

Dry Salt & Pepper Grinders – After washing out salt and pepper shakers, make sure that they’re completely dry before putting in salt and pepper again. You can blow hot air into the grinders via hair dryers so that they get dry thoroughly.

Dry Your Nail Paint – Almost all girls can relate to this, when they are getting late but their nail paint is still wet. So, what you can do is just pick up your hair dryer – on a cool setting – and use it to dry your nail paint.

On a Concise Note

So, after reading all these points, now it must be clear that hair dryers are not just to blow dry your hair. You can use them for different purposes. Havells, a premium brand for electrical appliances, offers a collection of hair dryers, which are made using the most advanced technology, featuring an ergonomic design for easy handling. Moreover, Havells hair dryers are rightly equipped to give long-lasting performance. Get yours and apart from making your hair look wonderful, try out these hacks to save your time, money and energy!

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