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  • July 3, 2018
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All That You Need to Know About Goatee Beard Styling

If you happen to be amongst the men who don’t like a full beard, a goatee is perhaps the right facial hair style for you. Goatee, actually, is more than a moustache yet less than a full beard. It is certainly becoming the raging beard style with men of all age groups, owing to its versatility. Moreover, the goatee also imparts a classic look to get you noticed in an instant. Being acquainted with shaving the required facial hair while maintaining the particular goatee style, can make a huge difference in sporting this beard like a pro.

Reasons to Grow A Goatee!

If you’re among the men who have this patchy or uneven beard that grows thicker on the chin and the upper lip area, a goatee is the best bet to wear some facial hair. A goatee also works to mask an undershot or weak chin, by giving the false impression of fullness and shape. Besides, men with a skeletal mouth will find it helpful in hiding that problem area too.

Choosing the Best Goatee Style!

After knowing the reasons for growing a goatee, you must know about the style that will work best for you. Like your hairstyle, choosing the right goatee is important because it can make or mar your face and overall appearance. Understanding which goatee style would look right with the shape of your face, will give you a better idea. As a rule, men with slim or angular faces are considered as the most suitable contenders for a goatee. If you have such a face, make sure not to grow the goatee too long, or else your face will appear too lean. Further, a goatee can also be used to make a round face appear a little angular.

Regardless of above-mentioned facts, the best part is that goatees don’t really depend that much on the shape of your face unlike other beard styles. And this definitely doesn’t connote that you shouldn’t mull over the curves of your chin or your jaw line when deciding on a goatee style you will sport. It certainly needs attention, but goatees work beyond the particular face shape too. Check out the list of goatee styles that work for almost all face shapes.

Round Face Shape – Pure Goatee, Anchor, Norse Skipper, Soul Patch, Rap Industry Standard

Diamond Face Shape – Full Goatee, Handlebar and Chin Puff, Goat Patch, Balbo

Square Face Shape – Goatee and Mustache, Handlebar and Chin Puff, Petite Goatee, Balbo

Triangular Face Shape – Anchor, Goat Patch

Oblong Face Shape – Extended Goatee, Goatee with Chin Strap, Handlebar and Goatee, Van Dyke

Growing a Goatee!

So, when you have decided to decode this buzzing trend, all you need to do is, stop shaving. Yes, it is as easy as that at least for the first few weeks. But yes, you will have to tolerate the itchiness of your new beard in the initial few days. To diminish the itchiness, you can use beard oil which would also help in speeding up the facial hair growth process. A goatee is also good for experimenting, and you don’t really need to choose on the style right away. Let it grow, shape it along the way. If you’re not happy with a particular goatee style, you can always try another as goatees grow pretty quickly.

Once you’ve started growing a goatee, you need to trim it regularly to avoid unwanted glares from people around. Maintaining a beard is very important to look prim and well-groomed. With Havells range of beard trimmers, you can easily attain the style while making your goatee appear neat and stylish. Use a quality electric shaver to shave the facial hair on your neck and cheeks, and wear a goatee in style!

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