Easy Tips on How to Trim Your Beard
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  • May 21, 2018
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Easy Tips on How to Trim Your Beard

For sure, beards have gained immense popularity in the last few years, and largely it’s attributable to the increased acceptance of facial mane in the current organizations. And one of the major reasons why employers are allowing beard is down to the fact that men have started grooming rather than keeping their facial tresses unkempt. So, when you have decided to grow a beard, you must be clear with a few points beforehand. Facial hair tends to grow at different rates, in different areas on your face. It is important to keep them in check in order to attain a well-groomed beard.

Growing a beard, and keeping it groomed, is a lengthy and tedious process. More the length, the more attention a beard requires as there are more chances of getting split ends, dryness, and itchiness. Trimming is crucial for a fuller look as well as healthy growth of a beard. As your beard grows, you can use a trimmer to taper your sideburns which will not only add a little structure to your face, but also make your beard look neater.

Of course, trimming a beard requires lot of patience as one wrong move could set your growth back to weeks or even months. While trimming your beard, make sure that it looks symmetrical as mane on a particular area, or areas, of your face might be longer than others. Using a trimmer, you can keep your beard symmetrical and spruced up. Given below are some points on how to trim your beard, in the best-possible manner.

  1. Shampoo your beard and let it dry. Once you had shower and your beard is dry, your mane gets hydrated and will be easier to cut. It will also give you a better idea of how your beard will look once it’s tamed.
  2. Brush out your facial tresses. After your facial hair gets dry, brush them out in order to detangle knots and to check if there is any inconsistency in the length. This will help you to trim your beard easily.
  3. Use a beard trimmer. Once you’re all set, use a good-quality beard trimmer to get the desired results. Most of the trimmers come with a length-setting comb, which you can set according to the desired length. For perfect trimming, pull your skin taught and trim in a sweeping motion in one direction away from your face.

Keep in mind that there’s no reverse button for bad trimming. So, it’s always better to start with a longer guide comb to keep the length in check. For best results, trim your beard shorter on your neck and cheeks, while keeping hair longer on your chin, to create a stylish fade.

If you prefer stubble or not too long beard, an overall even length is also fine. And in case you want something with more shape, use a longer guard around the chin and a shorter one at the cheeks and neck.

  1. Trim the mustache. For trimming the mustache, employ a shorter guard over your upper lip. Or else, you can use the bare trimmer to trim your mustache as it might be difficult to do so with the guard on.
  2. Use scissors. If required, use scissors to directly cut any stragglers on beard. You can use mustache scissors to trim stray hair above your upper lip for an overall neat look.
  3. Craft and trim the neckline. Now it is the turn for the most essential part, neckline. When you trim the underside, stretch out the skin to make sure that you’re grazing over the actual surface of the skin. It’s absolutely necessary to trim your neckline carefully to achieve that well-groomed beard. Ideally, you must trim it to just above your Adam’s apple. For this, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple and visualize a point that is just above your fingers. Create an imaginary line in your mind that runs from behind each ear to the point set above your fingers; the lines will bend down to this point, forming a “U” shape. And just shave all strands below this line.
  4. Use beard oil or moisturizer. Finish your trimming session using beard oil or beard moisturizer to keep your beard soft and healthy. It helps to moisturize your beard hair and skin.

To Conclude

So, now when you know the course of action you have to follow, to groom your facial accessory, make sure that you use the best quality beard trimmer from a reputed brand. Beard trimmer can also be used to trim hair on your head, or any other part of the body. They also help you to save a lot of time and energy as you can easily say good-bye to salon visits for trimming sessions. Havells, a well-known brand for electric products, has an extensive range of beard trimmers that are well-equipped to suit your trimming needs. So, get one for yourself and enjoy hassle-free trimming of beard forever.

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