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  • October 11, 2018
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Flaunt the Stylish You during Dandiya Nights

The wait is finally over! The festivities of Navratri have started and so does the dancing at dandiya nights. For men and women alike, going to these parties and dancing away to glory means making preparations beforehand. Whether it’s the vibrant attires, matching footwear, traditional jewelry or even accessories, everyone wants to look at their best and different from others in the crowd. Though you can make arrangements for such stuff in advance, what needs your instant attention is make-up and hairstyle.

For women, no matter how good the dress and jewelry you’re wearing, the desired look remains incomplete without the make-up and prim hairdo. Of course, you need to look good but you also need to be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing and applying because you’ve to dance and hang about in that look for a couple of hours on a stretch. When it’s about make-up, everyone has their own preference yet a little loud make-up is a thumbs-up during the night parties. According to your attire, you can choose from different shades of lipsticks, eye shadows, colorful binds and bangles, and can even make variations in putting eye-liner to try out different look on each day of the nine-day long celebrations.

Since you’re going to dance a lot during the Garba Raas, your hairstyle must be such that doesn’t bother you from dancing. Again it’s all about preferences yet a simple hairstyle that securely holds the hair away from the face is always better on such events. You can go for a braided look or plaited hair adorned with accessories to go along with the colorful clothing and festivities. Given below are some hairstyling tips that you can follow for dandiya nights.

Avoid Open Tresses – It’s actually understandable as you are using dandiya sticks which might get entangle in your hair, making it weird on the whole. Moreover, there are so many people dancing together and you’re so engrossed in the dancing act that it’s almost impossible to take care of your hairdo. It’s better to tie your hair so that you can dance freely without worrying. If tying hair is not feasible for you, at least pin-up your hair in order that they don’t fall on your face.

Try Out Various Braids – If you’ve long hair, you can absolutely rock this look. Moreover, braided hairstyles go so well with the traditional chaniya choli. You can try out different braids each day, and embellish them with the right hair accessories to achieve the desired look. You can browse the market for various hair accessories and try out the ones that you like and suit your get-up. Braids make the most carefree hairstyle that keeps your hair in place, while you enjoy tapping your feet.

Traditional Buns – Buns have always been an inseparable part of hairstyling and especially amongst Indian women. If carried properly, buns go along with traditional as well the most modern dresses. When talking about hairstyling for dandiya nights, buns make an easy as well as classy hairstyle. You can pick the one that suits you the best. Adorn it with accessories or flowers, the way you like and get set to rock the floor.

Go for Curls, Straightened or Crimped Hair – Of course, there is something for everyone. Girls, who have short hair, need not to worry as they can use accessories and other simple hairstyles to complete their look. Short hair can be curled up, straightened or even crimped while securing the front hair in a pouf. For all your hair styling needs, you can rely on Havells 5-in-1 Multi-Styling Kit which has different attachments for curling, crimping and straightening your hair. This high-performance hair styler is gentle on your hair, yet has the capacity to offer you the most amazing hairstyles.

To Conclude

Dandiya fests bring people together, and give you the chance to break the monotony of life at least for quite some time. And while you buy the most colorful dresses, sometimes even ditching the traditional chaniya choli and kediya with some Indo-western outfits, the main consideration should be comfort along with the best looks. As you doll up in the most beautiful dresses and adorn yourself with jewelry and accessories, Havells can take care of your hairstyling needs with its 5-in-1 Multi-Styling Kit which gives you an edge over other hair styling appliances in the market. This hair styler enables you to get professional looking hairstyles at home without any trouble. Not only you can crimp and straighten your hair with this appliance, but also get curls in different styles. So, without any delay, get one for yourself and try out different hairstyles this dandiya season and let people go gaga over the new you!

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