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  • by Havells India
  • October 12, 2018
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Look Dashing & Make Your Killer Moves this Dandiya Nights

One of the most awaited festivals in India is here. After the months of dry, hot, and humid climate without much break, the season for celebrations has arrived. Navratri is perhaps a much-celebrated festival of India, especially in the North and West, which includes the nine magical days of Dandiya nights. This is the beginning of many festivities that people really cherish and participate with great enthusiasm to be spiritual, eat many delicacies, and share the common feeling of joy with friends and family.

These nights are really special, exciting, and interesting for the ladies as they get dressed in the most vibrant, glamorous, colorful, and gorgeous traditional dresses. They wear costumes, and their clothes feature heavy embroidery, and they complement it with vibrant jewelries and joyful smiles. As the women participate in dances and merrymaking for these nine days, they tend to look their best.

As for the men, what could be a better time to groom themselves and be dashing than Dandiya Nights when women look their best? The killer dancing moves is finest when admired with a well-groomed look. In this article, we are going to list some ways men can prepare for Dandiya Nights using the right grooming products.

Electric Shavers for the Clean Dandiya Looks

Clean look is age old and still commands respect among many. Some men continue to prefer a clean-shaven look and use many means to achieve it. However, shaving with an electric shaver is way convenient, quicker, safe, and gives better results without creating a mess than traditional methods.

Bleeding from cuts during a traditional shave has been a common worry and irritant for many. Now that we have electric shavers, we do not have that problem anymore as we can get close shaves quickly. Although electric shavers have done the job of reducing blood loss for men and reducing shaving time, they may still not give a perfect shave to anyone who doesn’t know the right technique. Some preparation, methods of use, and aftercare can work wonders in giving a perfect Dandiya Nights shave.

Choose the right shaver. While earlier generation of shavers required your skin to be dry before use, the latest electric shavers can be used in both dry and wet conditions, even under a shower. Also, it doesn’t matter if your beard is wet or dry, you can shave it away in no time. In fact, a wet beard can aid in a smooth shave.

A good electric shaver should have an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and use. Its head design should effortlessly glide through the contours of the face. It should also have enough battery backup to last multiple cycles with a long standby time.

Electric Beard Trimmer

Once frowned upon, light beard and well-trimmed beards are in vogue today. The number of beard styles and trimming is only limited by one’s creativity. The list of possibilities with grooming a beard is very long. Start with a trimmer that offers variable comb length settings for trimming different levels of hair stubbles. Since, trimming is often followed with a shower, choose one that can be operated in both wet and dry conditions. Choose a trimmer that has Hypoallergenic blades for precision cut, provides silent operation, and has a long battery standby and operation performance. Having the right trimmer will ensure that no beard styling is too hard to achieve.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

No grooming is complete without removing the unwanted hairs from difficult areas. Real confidence not only comes from the outside grooming but also from being clean inside. Modern trimmers for nose and ears are perfectly safe to use and provide a quick way to remove hard-to-reach hairs swiftly.

Dandiya Nights is the perfect occasion for men to relook at their grooming, and make amendments for everybody to watch and appreciate. True confidence comes from within, along with the right style, hygiene, and facial grooming. Havells celebrates the true spirit of Dandiya Nights with its male grooming kit for those men who want to ramp up their style and dance moves.

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