Havells Hair Straighteners for Women
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  • by Havells India
  • January 31, 2017
  • Personal Grooming

Havells Hair Straighteners – Sleek is on Fleek. Curly is Lovely. Straight is Great.

You have got to love being a woman. The option of switching up your look at will is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Whoever said diamonds are a woman’s best friend was wrong. Hair straighteners are actually a woman’s best pals. And why not? Think about those days when you are running late for work and your hair decides to misbehave. No amount of brushing seems to help. That’s when your straightener swoops in like a dependable friend and saves the day.

We’ll get to what you need to look for in a good hair straightener at the end of this guide.

Here’s how to maximize your home hair straightening

  1. Ideally, wash your hair a couple of hours before you need to use the straightener
    a. Your hair needs to be completely dry before you begin
    b. If you see steam rise while you work, stop, and dry out your hair fully before starting again
    hair straightener
  2. Never skip the conditioner, it coats and protects your hair.
    hair straighteners
  3. Pat-dry, and run a wide-toothed comb through gently to unsnarl major knots
    hair straightening
  4. If you have a preferred product/straightening serum, apply it now
    hair straightening products
  5. Like hair dressers do, make partitions to your hair, and work with a section at a time. Kept the rest tied, or clipped away from the area you are working on. Go for a minimum of 4 sections, or more if you have thicker hair
    a.    The front of the crown (top of your head)
    b.    Two sections (left and right) for the middle of the head
    c.    Bottom and back of the head
    hair dressers for straightening
  6. Set the straightener to your desired temperature
    a.    The general rule of thumb is higher temperatures for full, thicker-strand, curlier hair and lower temperatures for lesser volume/finer hair with lesser curl.
    set of hair straightener
  7. Divide your hair into 2-inch sections and work smoothly down
    a.    Start an inch away from the scalp downwards, so as not to damage your roots
    b.    Use one sweeping motion, rather than stop and go, to achieve an even look
    c.    Give it 1 or 2 more passes, till a sleek finish is achieved
    d.    Move to the next section only after you’re satisfied with the current one
    hair straightener for smoothness
  8. A 3-way mirror will help you see how the hair at the back of your head is coming along
    short hair straightener
    The Havells Premium Golden Straightener is ideal for the needs of the long-haired or short-haired home-stylista.

    • It goes from 155o to 230oC.
    • Gets to the desired temperature in 30 seconds.
    • It has a digital LED display to keep an eye on heat-levels.
    • The 360o swivel-cord ensure flexible movement when you want it.
    • Conversely, the cord-lock feature steadies the appliance when you want a controlled movement.
    • Floating plates on the top and bottom, mean that each plate has some amount of swivel to allow for constant contact with the hair, as you move the straightener along.

    Practice makes perfect! Enjoy your swishy, sleek new hairdo (and at a fraction of the cost of a salon treatment!)

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