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  • by Havells India
  • June 16, 2019
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Havells Salutes the Never-Say-Die Spirit of Fathers

George Herbert has rightly quoted, “One father is more than a hundred school masters.” If we recall our childhood days, we can actually remember our father as a stern figure whose mere presence could keep the kids on track. Unlike mother, he generally speaks less and conveys his message in minimum words. His way of controlling situations and tackling the tough jobs also creates the impression of being a “Hero” in the mind of young children. However, that’s another story that the same strict father appear extremely friendly and in a playful mood on weekends and during vacations.

 A father may be strict towards his children, but with that strictness too, he wants to make them stronger and to courageously face the world. While being a provider, he becomes a selfless soul who always sacrifices his needs to meet the needs of his children. He is not just a source of strength and support for the entire family, but also a person you always look up to. If mother’s love is observable, father’s love is often unseen. And, without being in the limelight, he keeps on doing his duties towards his family with the utmost concern.

Father’s Day is a day dedicated to fathers, grandfathers and father like figures to celebrate the beautiful bond between fathers and children. It is generally celebrated on the third Sunday of the calendar month of June every year. So, don’t let this chance go away to make your “Hero” feel special. Remember, parents don’t want expensive gifts; they just want a little respect and some time from you. Some time, wherein you both can discuss your happiness and problems without thinking twice. The celebrations need not to be elaborate, but meaningful. It is not the whole bouquet of flowers but even a flower can do the magic if done in a righteous manner.

If you’re thinking about gifting your father, spending quality with him could be the best gift. You can go to an adventure park for a fun-filled outing. A quick trip to his favorite place or any nearby getaway could be another option. You can also plan a movie date, packing up with a lunch or dinner at his preferred restaurant. If you really want to spend time, options could be endless. Or even if not going anywhere, you can still plan interesting activities like, games, movies, etc. at home to keep him entertained and feeling valued.

To celebrate this eternal bond, treat your father generously this father’s day. Throughout his life, he has done everything in his best abilities to make you feel special. Now it’s your time to make him feel loved and special. You can make his favorite dishes, bake a nice cake or even give him a good head massage. If you are keen on gifting, you can also buy him jackets, tees, shoes or whatever you find that he needs. You can also get a nose and ear trimmer, beard trimmer or even a multi grooming kit which can be of great use to him. You can even try shaving his beard to spend time with him. Your gestures speak louder than words. So, make him feel special with your gestures. Make memories so that you can cherish them later!

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