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  • June 27, 2019
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What to Look for in a Body Trimmer?

When you have made your mind to groom yourself, you need to know the points that must be considered before buying a body groomer. Since there are hell lot of body groomers in the market, it gets difficult to settle on the best one. Through this body groomer buying guide, you can decide what would be the right body groomer for your needs. Ideally, the body groomer must be a good combination of power, versatility, and durability. It should offer about an hour of runtime against equivalent charging time. Let’s check out some tips and points which will help you choose the best body groomer for all your grooming requirements.


The first and foremost quality you look for, in a body groomer should be the versatility. The best body groomer should be designed to handle almost all parts of the body. Even though body groomers are meant for the body, it is great if you can trim your beard or nose hair with the same equipment. In the market, there are many groomers which come with multiple heads for different requirements. However, the best body groomer is the one that can let you groom your back with ease.

Ergonomic Design

Any machine is expected to make your work easier. Since it takes time to groom yourself, you should look for a body groomer that you can easily hold for longer durations. A good body groomer is ergonomically designed to allow easy handling and usage. Moreover, you must also see that it reaches even the most remote parts of your body. It should have the finesse and power to give the desired results.


Besides the durable and ergonomic design, what decides the durability of body groomer is also decided by its dry or wet usage. Both dry and wet body groomers are available in the market. While wet ones can be fully waterproof or partly waterproof, they can be used with shaving foam or gel to protect the sensitive skin from rashes and irritations. If it’s fully waterproof, you can use it under the shower. Otherwise, be careful while using, as even small amount of water in the battery area can destroy the groomer. Dry body groomers come handy as you can use them anytime and anywhere. However, they can irritate the sensitive skin.


When it is about power, you get three options in body groomers – corded, cordless and battery powered.  A body groomer with higher torque is the best as it allows efficient shave and removes significant amount of hair in lesser time. Since repeated passes tend to damage the skin, a high power groomer easily clears out the skin without causing irritation. Cordless body groomers are the most common because they allow convenience of rechargeable battery, offering you a bit more runtime than charging time. The corded body groomers are generally cheap though you need a wall socket for continued power supply. You can’t use these groomers under the shower and their cords are generally short. Battery-powered body groomers can be expensive as batteries don’t last for longer periods. These groomers are great when you have limited power supply, or you are using them occasionally.

Battery Life

Most rechargeable body groomers and trimmers require long hours of charging before they can be used. However, this is not applicable to corded chargers; you can use them as and when you want. In the battery-operated ones, you rely on batteries to groom yourself. Being the most common type, the rechargeable body groomers should have less charge time and higher run time to give better results.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All such gear need to be cleaned properly to avoid skin rashes and irritation. As far as cleaning part is concerned, the best choice is a fully waterproof body groomer which can be easily cleaned under water. Some body groomers have washable head attachments which can be easily detached and rinsed with water. However, almost all body groomers come with a cleaning brush which helps to clean the groomer when it is non-washable. Look for a body groomer that can be cleaned easily.


When it’s about mobility, cordless body groomers are the best. You can use them whenever and wherever without any worry. Be it your bathroom or dressing room, home or anywhere else, these body groomers are absolutely mobile. Though battery powered body groomers offer the same amount of mobility, but they eat up batteries like anything. Corded body groomers have rather limited mobility and their cable also appears annoying by obstructing the process of grooming.

Replacement Heads

No matter what shaving equipment you choose, it wears out over the time. The foil and blades of body groomers too wear out in about a year of daily use. To keep your grooming experience smoothless, you need to replace the blades at least after every 6 – 12 months. When you’re buying a body groomer, take a note of additional set of foil and blades that are coming along. Even if not provided with the package, you can easily get the replacement parts of most of the groomers.


According to your budget, you would like to own the best body groomer. Getting a cheap product doesn’t mean that you are saving on money. A cheap body groomer with low quality can create problems in short run. Its blades might get rusty or battery may die within a year. It is better to buy a good quality product even if it’s little expensive.

On a Concluding Note

Now when you have gone through the tips for buying body groomers, you must be in a better position to select one for yourself. In its range of grooming essentials, Havells has come up with a Body Groomer which can readily assist in your grooming spree. This grooming appliance is made using the advanced technology using the finest quality material for the ultimate performance. If you wish to groom yourself, this grooming device could be your perfect companion using which you can easily trim or shave almost any part of your body. Bring Havells Body Groomer to let your best version stand out!

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