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  • August 21, 2019
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Know the Difference between Razors and Electric Shavers

Since ages, men have been shaving their facial hair through various means. In fact, it is an important part of their grooming routine. To shave, to trim or to grow the beard depends exclusively on one’s desire. But if you shave, you fall in either of the two categories – one who uses a razor or one who employs an electric shaver. When it comes to effectiveness, both blade shaving and electric shaving are effective yet people have their own preferences and shaving habits. If you wish to try the other method against the existing one, do read this blog and understand the difference between razors and electric shavers.


When we talk about razors, mainly it’s about two types of razors – the disposable cartridge razors which are generally available in three and five-blade versions, and the safety razors which are steel made to hold double-edged razor blades. People, who agree with this traditional way of shaving, often find safety razors better than multi-blade disposable razors. Safety razors are known for their superior shave while the disposable razors can cause skin irritation and ingrown hair. Yet if you’re working with a single-blade disposable razor, it is as good as a safety razor. Just like anything, razors too have their own set of advantages. First of all, they offer a close shave as compared to electric shavers. Moreover, using razors, you have better control over where the blades move and what they do.

Razors are usually cheaper, convenient and easy to use and maintain. Plus, they don’t require batteries or charging. However, while using razors, you need to be really careful lest you get a razor burn. To avoid this, you are required to spend a few minutes wetting and lathering your face because razors actually work well on wet skin conditions. You can use shaving creams and soaps to lather your face well. However, this means added costs to your shaving routine. Once again, the creams may or may not suit your skin which can be another drawback. If you’re using a razor without caution, you are certainly at the risk of getting nicks and cuts.

Electric Shavers

The modern shaving appliance has been available since 1920s. Electric shavers are available in two types – foil shavers and rotary shavers. While the foil shaver has a blade-covering foil to provide a closer shave, a series of rotating blades is used by the rotary shaver to offer an even but less close shave. Unlike the razors, the electric shavers generally offer less close shave. But what they offer is absolute convenience. Using an electric shaver, it is almost impossible to cut or scratch yourself. The electric shavers are easy to handle and you don’t need to be very careful as the blades are covered.

These devices offer a quick shaving experience as they roll up the skin, forcing hair up before getting cut. As compared to razors, the electric shavers require less time to go over the face, though offer a less close shave. They are heavier than razors, yet more portable which makes them apt to use anywhere. Electric shavers do not require additional grooming gear like shaving foam, gels or even water. They are highly versatile as shavers can be used to precisely shave facial hair, beards, moustaches, and sideburns. Be at ease when you shave with an electric shaver as you’re at the minimum risk of getting nicks, cuts and ingrown hair.

In Concise Terms

So, now you must be in a better position to understand the difference between a razor and an electric shaver. It depends entirely on your choice that what kind of shaving you prefer. Some people have the time, patience and confidence to use the razor, while others prefer electric shavers for a faster shave that too without the fear of getting nicks and cuts. If you also wish to possess an electric shaver, Havells has a complete range of electric shavers which boast of fantastic performance. Powered with the latest technology, these shavers are absolutely portable, convenient and powerful along with good battery back-up. Click here to see the complete range and get one for yourself.

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