Show Off Your Stylish Distribution Board
  • by Havells India
  • October 24, 2017
  • Switchgear

Don’t Hide Those Distribution Boards Any More

To discuss and argue about the needs and benefits of electricity is as redundant as talking about why we need air to breathe and food to live. But electricity, as an entity, is only going to attain its complete purpose when it is safely distributed through homes and offices. This is where electrical distribution boards (DB) come into play. Integral part of every electrical installation, the boards receive electrical power from one main feeding cable and supply it through different circuits to various consumption points in residential and commercial buildings. Thus, their importance cannot be ignored at any cost.

Unfortunately, while the distribution board industry has evolved at a rapid pace, ensuring quality products, it has ignored their aesthetic appeal, something which is essential to every home owner, as much as the product itself. This can be seen in the fact that distribution boards are mostly seen as blatant eye sores in beautifully done-up living rooms. No matter how much a home owner tries to hide the unattractiveness of a DB, one will always find oneself at a loss for ways. Even decorating the board aesthetically–for instance, covering it up with a wallpaper, hiding it behind a painting or painting over it–throws up concerns of safety and are highly inconvenient.

Havells understands this concern of homeowners across the country. The brand produces high-quality products, and puts greater emphasis on aesthetics and the artistic vision of every homeowner. Hence, striving to create a positive impact on the industry and the consumers, Havells fills this gap in the market with an entire range of elegant distribution boards that also focus on features like efficacy, design, and safety. Our Dcora and Metalica range received the highly coveted Good Design Awards. Fitting in perfectly with the interiors of your home, the Dcora DBs are available in leather, wood and stone finishes while the Metalica DBs come in sparkling gold, silver, and sparkling white finishes. For instance, the Klass Leather DB is a leather-finish, vinyl sheet while the SPN Dcora DB is a stone-finish, vinyl sheet. Padded up with magnetic door locks that are easy to open, scratch-resistant glossy surfaces, and transparent cement guards to protect from construction spill-overs, our DBs come in a 4-way, 6-way, 8-way or 12-way variants in SPN and TPN executions. Our options are truly limitless.

Thus, our extensive range of distribution boards helps in adding magnificent decor and value to your desirable home. That’s not all, eventually, your DBs become a work of art to match your home interiors, so that you no longer worry about unsafe and unattractive options.

Furthermore, we are the first one to introduce the common base and changeable outer door frame concept. It gives you the flexibility to change the door as per the interior or when you get bored of it without the hassle of changing the base and disturbing your existing electrical board.

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