Automated Control Devices for Residential Application
  • by Havells India
  • November 14, 2017
  • Switchgear

Energy-saving Control Devices for Residential Use

As market leaders, we at Havells understand that safety is of paramount importance when it comes to control devices for residential application. We are committed towards making a long-lasting impact through our focus on energy-saving, high quality products that are designed to meet customer requirements. Our range of energy savers in this category promise hassle-free and user-friendly operation.

Our ACCL devices help limit the flow of current, and this ensures that the power from the generator is used rationally among all the users in a residential setup. Designed to manage power distribution effectively, these tools go a long way towards providing energy-efficient solutions to multiple users. One such offering in this category is the ACCL (TPN/SPN) without Gen Start/Stop (80A/63A). Its main function is to switch the load from the generator to the mains while limiting current at the generator end to prevent overloading. It comes with a manual reset provision which can be used when the ACCL is in the sleep mode, a mode selection feature that lets you choose between manual and automatic mode, and a membrane keypad that indicates operational status of the device. Most importantly, it is equipped with a microcontroller based circuit to make sure that the changeover response is quick and precise.

MCB changeovers aid smooth and safe swapping of electricity from the supply to the generator, as well as the other way around, with an option of centre off position. Our Higher Rating MCB Changeover FP (63A) is one of the many products in this series, and it is used to switch to an alternate source of supply from the main. These devices come with a whole gamut of unique features for safe and convenient operation including shrouded terminals, double break contacts, compact construction, silver cadmium oxide contact tips, front operation with three stable positions and bi-stable clip, among others. Besides, there’s the advantage of easy snap on DIN Rail mounting and the ability to be mounted with other products such as isolator in distribution board, RCCBs and MCBs, to name a few.

Time switches swap loads automatically in real time, based on a predetermined schedule, to help conserve energy and enhance user comfort. Our line of time switches offer several benefits including an internal battery that aids the timing feature in the event of a power failure, compact design and a choice of daily or weekly versions with different minimum switching time options based on client requirements. One of the products in this range is a Digital Programmable Time Switch – 24 hour that operates between 220 and 440V AC. It is best suited for lighting (car parking), motors for pumps, fans and heating equipment with a minimum programmable switching time of 15 minutes. This is a daily programmable time switch that can be digitally operated and it can handle 48 ON/OFF settings for multiple programming.

The above control devices for residential application are not just safe, energy-efficient and convenient but they also override several disadvantages of manual changeovers, making it a smart choice. So, make the switch today.

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